“Oodles,” he estimated.

Bernie Sander's mouthpiece, below, must be including in his stats the 150 million Americans Joe Biden says were killed by guns since 2007. That would push US population to around 480 million. So, if everyone went bankrupt every year, this would just be a rounding error: Bernie's Press Secretary Says 500 Million Americans Go Bankrupt… Continue reading “Oodles,” he estimated.

#Votefraud. It exists and we need to stop it.

Doesn't anybody remember ACORN?Three voters disenfranchised at one poll in NC. All three black.One man, one vote. Democrat apparatchiks don't believe in that. "Those people" might not have voted correctly.Voters in Philadelphia forced to vote next to giant Obama mural; Update: Not fully covered despite court orderYou don't cover religious icons. It's like contraception... or… Continue reading #Votefraud. It exists and we need to stop it.