Thýma is Greek for "victim." I was looking for a way to encapsulate an idea I named the 'Victimhood Competency Hierarchy' in a 2019 post. I suggested development of a spreadsheet to clarify who has the biggest claim to victimhood, and therefore power, in such a hierarchy. This is important to white, heterosexual, males who… Continue reading Thýmarchy

Casteing call

This article is worth reading, maybe more than once. Intersectionality in India: Caste-Based Identity Politics"caste-based identitarianism is in complete contradiction to the aim of abolishing caste… This is the teleological and practical end of the politics of intersectionality that now dominate the political conversation in the United States. The idea that one’s politics must be… Continue reading Casteing call

Unified Grievance Theory

Intersectionality, (noun) in·​ter·​sec·​tion·​al·​i·​ty | \ ˌin-tər-ˌsek-shə-ˈna-lə-tē 1. Selective, tribal conflation of every conceivable human grievance. 2. Creative categorization and augmentation of one's victimhood credentials. Example (links omitted): "The physics professor who argued “white empiricism” somehow creates a “barrier” to black women trying to enter the sciences field recently went on a Twitter rant about the… Continue reading Unified Grievance Theory


Beto Targets Tax-Exempt Status of Churches Opposing Gay Marriage The power to tax is the power to destroy. Beta O'Rourke just invoked that taxation power to threaten every church, college, or charity - any institution - which does not toe what should be now be known as the KGBT Line. "K" is close enough to… Continue reading The KGBT

Little did I know…

...when I wrote Victimhood competence hierarchies that the College Board would so quickly compound the difficulty of picking the most oppressed group by applying "adversity scoring" modifiers to Scholastic Aptitude Test results. The College Board’s adversity score will give students a boost for coming from a high-crime, high-poverty school and neighborhood, according to the Wall… Continue reading Little did I know…

Victimhood competence hierarchies

"Tyrannical pathological hierarchies are based on power..." -Jordan Peterson Dr. Peterson sometimes refers to our traditional hierarchies as hierarchies of competence, since they arise organically out of our necessity to act in the world.  To do something is to want to improve the way you do it.  Some people will become better than others in… Continue reading Victimhood competence hierarchies