Strangers to dysphoria

I'd be bemused by SJW cognitive dissonance about violence if it weren't increasingly dangerous. On second thought, 'cognitive dissonance' isn't quite right since it leaves you feeling at least vaguely dysphoric about holding diametrically opposed views. Like that feeling you get that your XX chromosomes should be XY. Let's call it cognitive insentience, which adds… Continue reading Strangers to dysphoria


The Democratic Party/Media conglomerate has its panties in a knot about the description of Antifa, #MeToo, et. al. as mobs. Well, they have broken windows, preemptively threatened violence against demonstrations they dislike, committed arson, screamed in the faces of their opponents, physically attacked other demonstrators, injured professors during campus "deplatforming" rallies, and battered cars with… Continue reading Mobs

Flag yourself! Flag your friends!

Heck, flag the President when he compares his health care plan to the US Postal Service. (Maybe they'd make a profit if they stopped making house calls. Call it Epistle Rationing.)It's easy and fun to become a certified evil-monger. I know, because I did it on August 5th. Report yourself, and if you haven't reported… Continue reading Flag yourself! Flag your friends!

Please help

The Other Club is asking you to send the following to I already did.Dear federal Obamacare protest monitors,This site: too many 'fishy' statements to even catalog, just go there and do a search on "free health care," or "socialized medicine," or "Obamacare."It scares me that someone is allowed to write these things.Modify or embellish… Continue reading Please help