Own goals

Straightforward and clarifying, unlike most of the impeachment crap buzzing about. I learned a few things outside of the Democrat obnubilation. Impeachment surprise: How Adam Schiff validated my reporting on Ukraine | John Solomon Reports Why Trump so distrusted Ukraine. Why Yovanovitch was removed as US Ambassador to Ukraine. Why Hunter Biden's Burisma gig was… Continue reading Own goals

Deplorable scum

Hillary Clinton made a big bet on "deplorables." Three years later, already having won that hand, Donald Trump raised her bid. He tweets that Never Trumpers are "human scum."“The Never Trumper Republicans, though on respirators with not many left, are in certain ways worse and more dangerous for our Country than the Do Nothing Democrats.… Continue reading Deplorable scum


Apparently the Trump Administration has been discussing sending sanctuary seeking oppressed persons of foreign citizenship who cross our borders irregularly to those cities in the United States which have declared they will defy Federal Law in order to provide succor to such unfortunates. My question is, why didn't the Sanctuary Cities demand this long ago?… Continue reading NIMBY

Nobody is allowed good intentions but us

Here's what compassion gets you from the rabid Left. (Link broken intentionally. You can fix it if you really want the reference.) Trump’s Plan to Decriminalize Homosexuality Is an Old Racist Tactic Because "colonialism." Don't you know all cultures are morally equivalent? Except Western Civilization, which is oppressive. This sleight of mind is how our… Continue reading Nobody is allowed good intentions but us

No rational arguments please, we’re Republicans

“Republicans can start by stopping trying to win rational arguments.” A friend recently shared that sentence (not his) in an email. It's in regard to an article at The Daily Signal by Sebastian Gorka. The idea of abandoning rational argument just keeps nagging at me. It’s a capitulation to the Know Nothings on the Right… Continue reading No rational arguments please, we’re Republicans

NFL – Who cares?

There has been speculation that the statue protests would expand from Robert E. Lee, Columbus, et. al., to include Jefferson and Washington. Worse, however, it's escalated to treating the Stars and Stripes as equivalent to the Stars and Bars: Both are apparently racist to a certain subset of NFL players. On the other side we… Continue reading NFL – Who cares?

Three Thoughts on The Donald

Read all three. Andrew Klavan: What's a Conservative to Do? Or a Libertarian, or even a Scoop Jackson Democrat? If it's Hillary versus Trump, a plague on both parties' houses. American conservatism is the defender of constitutional law, restricted government and individual liberty. Those principles are what I'll stand on, against any opponent on either… Continue reading Three Thoughts on The Donald

Trump: Obnoxious blowhards using the First Amendment just cause trouble

Donald Trump spoke with Neil Cavuto in May 2015, just after the Muslim terrorist attack on Pam Geller's "Draw Mohammed" contest in Garland, Texas, and on the eve of a Charlie Hebdo Memorial ceremony. Trump on Geller: “[T]he last thing we need is an obnoxious blowhard like Geller to go out and start trouble, when… Continue reading Trump: Obnoxious blowhards using the First Amendment just cause trouble