Constitutional duty

Harry Reid: “It Is My Constitutional Duty” to Spend Federal Money… “I Fight For It”Yes he does. This is why we have to rally on Sunday to bring attention to the 10th Amendment: Harry Reid's oath of office was like Faisal Shahzad's oath of allegiance to the US when he was naturalized, "I did swear… Continue reading Constitutional duty

Blame America

John Brennan says America is safer, but it's because we are racists.He should be fired, but the President would simply replace him with another idiot trained at the Neville Chamberlain School of Counterterrorism.I found the "policies perceived as profiling" comment a good summary of the Administration's attitude: It's not whether there is actual profiling targeting… Continue reading Blame America

This is a little much…

...coming from the party of Harry "The War is lost" Reid, John "Marines are cold-blooded killers" Murtha, Barack "We must leave Iraq in 16 months" Obama, Nancy "Bush lied" Pelosi, and John "Cut and run" Kerry.The Obama Administration says criticizing their policy of Mirandizing terrorists aids al-Qaeda. John Brennan, Assistant to the President and Deputy… Continue reading This is a little much…

What would "the system failed" mean?

On an international flight into Detroit, passengers and flight crew were able to restrain a man after his bomb fizzled.That man has been in a database of those with Islamist terrorist connections for two years. Last month the man's radical politics and terrorist ties were reported to the American embassy in Nigeria. The report came… Continue reading What would "the system failed" mean?