A note to feminists on de-platforming

Perhaps you’ve spent your career arguing for the protection of women from rape, domestic assault, and female genital mutilation. Perhaps you’ve fought to make women’s shelters safe, sex-segregated spaces. I salute you. Perhaps you were even a speaker at the conference discussing single-sex spaces put on by Woman’s Place UK in Portsmouth, where trans activist… Continue reading A note to feminists on de-platforming

Losing the TERF War

THE WAR ON STANDARDS, WOKE U.S. ARMY EDITIONThe U.S. Army apparently has decided to gender-norm scores on the test it administers for combat fitness... women will be judged based on how they perform in relation to other women. This radical change is a response to the unsurprising fact that women are failing the Army’s combat… Continue reading Losing the TERF War

Gender appropriationists

Well, if they can play Rugby... California will now house prisoners according to gender identity instead of biological sex So, buy stock in California prison construction. Last I heard there were hundreds of gender identities. Will furries have to be separated by species? Lions and lambs; cats and dogs. And another question. If men who… Continue reading Gender appropriationists

Trans Exclusionary Radical Virus?

Speculation on TERV Wars from the UK Daily Mail: Doctors claim new Coronavirus 'may cause damage to a man's TESTICLES' I'd guess it's click-bait, so no link. The only reason I mention it is to ask this biology question: "Does coronavirus know that "Trans women are women?" I think not. Update: 3:02PM Despite early reports,… Continue reading Trans Exclusionary Radical Virus?

Conflation error

At Quillette, a look at the logic necessitating the internecine warfare between transgender activists and lesbians/gays: It’s Time for ‘LGB’ and ‘T’ to Go Their Separate Ways A slice, but RTWT:Gay rights activists simply want society to accept their different ways of living and loving—since gay men and lesbians pursue romantic interests and build families… Continue reading Conflation error

Gentlemen, you can’t say that here!

This is the free speech society!* Trans row: Man who said 'women don't have penises' banned from free speech society panel The dogma is settled. Later, he was removed from his assistant editorship at Durham University’s philosophy journal. Student editor who retweeted “women don’t have penises” story fired from university journal Then the Merseyside Police… Continue reading Gentlemen, you can’t say that here!

Skills gap 2

Quillette is a gem. I find this, A Victory for Female Athletes Everywhere, a compelling, thoughtful (fairly long) article from a person highly qualified to comment (emphasis mine): "As an academic, I appreciate the value of intellectual inquiry that challenges our socially constructed defaults. As someone born into a mixed-race family steeped in the civil… Continue reading Skills gap 2