Mr. Malaise

... goes optimistic.Now that President Obama is setting new standards for depressing confidence in the economy and priming the inflation pump to a degree unprecedented, Dhimmi Carter goes all positive on us:”There is no comparison to the Great Depression and where we are now,” he said. “The Great Depression was much more severe. Right now,… Continue reading Mr. Malaise

Coming soon to a health care rationing committee near you

'Too Old' for Hip SurgeryPresident Obama and Congressional Democrats are inching the U.S. toward government-run health insurance. Last week's expansion of Schip -- the State Children's Health Insurance Program -- is a first step. Before proceeding further, here's a suggestion: Look at Canada's experience.PRUDEN: Prescription for medical malpracticeBut the nastiest surprises are not likely to… Continue reading Coming soon to a health care rationing committee near you

Big words, big lies

Last night, the President told us there are no earmarks in the stimulus bill. Technically this is true, since an earmark is defined as some spending added to a bill not connected to the original purpose of the bill. In the case of the stimulus bill, however, this means merely that there is no expenditure… Continue reading Big words, big lies

Where the "stimulus" bill will put us all?

It always happens in California first. Victor Davis Hanson:How does one explain how California is broke, tens of billions of dollars in aggregate debt, despite having among the highest sales and income taxes in the nation?...So what went wrong, and why are tens of thousands of Californians leaving the state with bachelor degrees and above,… Continue reading Where the "stimulus" bill will put us all?

Teachings of The Egg of Power

Barack Obama has an Egg of Power in the Oval Office, a carving made by African artisans from the Monkey Pod tree. It is associated with a proverb, the origins of which are shrouded in marketing hype. Rumor indicates the proverb to derive either from ancient African wisdom, or to have been made up from… Continue reading Teachings of The Egg of Power