Rules for Radicals v1.0

A friend sent the the first quote following the other day as a post topic, and I've added another from the same source:"Undermine the enemy first, then his army will fall to you. Subvert him, attack his morale, strike at his economy, corrupt his leaders, sow internal discord. Destroy him." “All warfare is based on… Continue reading Rules for Radicals v1.0

California Screamin’

Extract or Die Makers being blamed for political failure. The creation of wealth equated with exploitation. Ayn Rand wrote a book or two about it. Now California is contemplating taxing residents who move away. That's a prelude to capital controls. Human capital. Like North Korea - you can never leave. Statism always goes this way.… Continue reading California Screamin’

The Masque of the Red Death

Gatestone Institute: The West Needs to Wake Up to China's Duplicity National Review: The Comprehensive Timeline of China’s COVID-19 Lies Real Clear Politics: Has the U.S.-China Cold War Now Begun? The CCP hides their totalitarianism behind a "state capitalism" mask. Market Leninism is more like it.


Gender feminist theory predicts we'd see nearly equal employment of males and females in all occupations if we could erase the 'patriarchy.' In STEM and managerial positions there would be more women; in health care and K-12 teaching there would be more men (a side effect of no real interest). That this is not the… Continue reading Choices

Mob. Not.

I was thinking about the treatment the tea party protests received from the Democrat-Media Party after yesterday's post and remembered I had a "tea party" tag. When I looked at it, I noticed 51 entries. So, I took a little trip down TOC memory lane. A large meme in 2009 through 2013 revolved around the… Continue reading Mob. Not.

False choice

Two short articles from Reason and The Weekly Standard:Authoritarians to the Left and RightThe Nation and the NazisImagine a line with a sliding indicator. On one end is Marxism and Antifa; on the other is Fascism and Alt-Right. Or, call it Black Lives Matter vs Stormfront. Your job is to slide the indicator along this… Continue reading False choice

The Right hand knows full well what the Left hand is doing

In an ongoing effort to demonstrate the terms "Right" and "Left" amount to little more than a political taxonomy quibble, I enlist Dr. Stephen Hicks' book Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault. Highly recommended. Italics mine. Counter-Enlightenment politics: Right and Left collectivism After Rousseau, collectivist political thinking divided into Left and Right… Continue reading The Right hand knows full well what the Left hand is doing