C’mon, Man!

I'd like to supply a link to the WaPo or NYT on this point, since that makes it nearly impossible for Progressive useful idiots to deny. But Wapo and NYT seem to be MIA. Since I participate in neither Twitter nor Facebook, I cannot say if it has been shadow banned, buried, or otherwise demoted… Continue reading C’mon, Man!

Gender appropriationists

Well, if they can play Rugby... California will now house prisoners according to gender identity instead of biological sex So, buy stock in California prison construction. Last I heard there were hundreds of gender identities. Will furries have to be separated by species? Lions and lambs; cats and dogs. And another question. If men who… Continue reading Gender appropriationists

Nancy and the Chamber of Deplorers

This - Gertrude Himmelfarb & the Enlightenment - is a recommended read. I was vaguely aware of Himmelfarb, but have never read her. Based on this article, I will be correcting that. A slice:Some historians have been led ... to claim that at different stages of his life there were two different Edmund Burkes, one… Continue reading Nancy and the Chamber of Deplorers

Sexist, Transphobic, Excoriable, Misogynist

That's how progressive government schools define STEM these days. Let's use this look at the poet Robert Frost to expand the point: Rehabilitating Robert Frost: The Unity of his Literary, Cultural, and Political Thought[F]or about four decades Frost was “the necessary enemy” of both “the political left and the modernist literary elite,”... Frost perceived that… Continue reading Sexist, Transphobic, Excoriable, Misogynist

Consequences: logically absurd conclusions

I sent this link to a friend and muttered about "logically absurd conclusions." A Canadian Human Rights Spectacle Exposes the Risks of Unfettered Gender Self-ID Part of his reply was, "It is interesting that this topic is consuming so much energy - and the unintended consequences of the efforts of those seeking change." The assumption… Continue reading Consequences: logically absurd conclusions

Implementing 1984

A moderately long look at some who are stubbornly NeverTrump. The unending hyperbole, hypocritical ‘civility’ overreach, and fawning compromise with the Woke Progressives is beyond tiresome. It's beyond 'Trump tiresome.' I’ve accused Trump of ruining the definition of conservative, but French, Kristol, et. al. are worse. What they’re conserving is their supposed virtue. In which… Continue reading Implementing 1984

Little did I know…

...when I wrote Victimhood competence hierarchies that the College Board would so quickly compound the difficulty of picking the most oppressed group by applying "adversity scoring" modifiers to Scholastic Aptitude Test results. The College Board’s adversity score will give students a boost for coming from a high-crime, high-poverty school and neighborhood, according to the Wall… Continue reading Little did I know…

IDW lacks diversity

Caricaturing the Left Doesn’t Benefit the Intellectual Dark Web Well, it isn't possible to caricature the Left any more. It's downhill from the headline. The article itself is a Progressive apologist’s semantic-quibble, word-salad fantasy. The comments are worth some attention. At 5PM there are 156. So it’s not short if you want the good stuff.… Continue reading IDW lacks diversity

They is wrong

It could have come from almost any campus, but this is from the College of Natural Science at Michigan State University: “No science is needed to support transgender and non-binary identities,” the email stated. “It is simply a matter of affirming their experiences.” No science is possible "to support transgender and non-binary identities" as a… Continue reading They is wrong