There’s nothing liberal about it

This is a follow-up to my post on the desecration of the word "liberal," starting with excerpts from the papers of a President who served only one term. A national calamity laid him low: Like Cassandra, some people get punishment they don't deserve. I could have emphasized a lot of it, but I'm pretty sure… Continue reading There’s nothing liberal about it


The ruination of the word in the U.S. arguably started around 1913 with a President openly hostile to a Constitutional Republic. A dedicated racist who RE-segregated the Federal civil service, and an oligarch who bypassed the Bill of Rights with the Espionage Act of 1917 and the Sedition Act of 1918; Woodrow Wilson. His ideas… Continue reading Liberal

MSM check their privilege: find it wanting

Journalists Mobilize Against Free Speech Read the whole thing, but following are a few excerpts. Motivated by self-dealing arrogance and venality, the Maim Scream Media™ has a goal. That goal is reducing the Bill of Rights to a single clause. Here's Steve Coll, two-time Pulitzer winning dean of Columbia Journalism School:“Those of us in journalism… Continue reading MSM check their privilege: find it wanting

Can’t say that

Yesterday, I wrote about Rutger’s efforts to eliminate grammar from English language studies, providing a couple of examples of how that might go askew: "[Writing] “Protest, shootings, and arson,” rather than “Protest shootings and arson,” might pass in an Applied Critical Theory class where there is only one possible meaning..." “A Masters (A word on… Continue reading Can’t say that

Bab’l, Towr of

Rutgers English Department to deemphasize traditional grammar ‘in solidarity with Black Lives Matter’ “Under a so-called critical grammar pedagogy, “This approach challenges the familiar dogma that writing instruction should limit emphasis on grammar/sentence-level issues so as to not put students from multilingual, non-standard ‘academic’ English backgrounds at a disadvantage,” the email states. [So long as… Continue reading Bab’l, Towr of

Unified Grievance Theory

Intersectionality, (noun) in·​ter·​sec·​tion·​al·​i·​ty | \ ˌin-tər-ˌsek-shə-ˈna-lə-tē 1. Selective, tribal conflation of every conceivable human grievance. 2. Creative categorization and augmentation of one's victimhood credentials. Example (links omitted): "The physics professor who argued “white empiricism” somehow creates a “barrier” to black women trying to enter the sciences field recently went on a Twitter rant about the… Continue reading Unified Grievance Theory

Gentlemen, you can’t say that here!

This is the free speech society!* Trans row: Man who said 'women don't have penises' banned from free speech society panel The dogma is settled. Later, he was removed from his assistant editorship at Durham University’s philosophy journal. Student editor who retweeted “women don’t have penises” story fired from university journal Then the Merseyside Police… Continue reading Gentlemen, you can’t say that here!