The “Equality Act”

In May, 236 Democrats and 8 Republicans in the House of Representatives passed the Equality Act, updating the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by adding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to Title II and Title VII.

Among other consequences, should this Bill ever pass the Senate and somehow survive a veto, it’s likely to require females who practice Brazilian Bikini waxing (removal of all pubic hair from the pelvic region, vulva, labia, perineum, and anus) to apply their skills to persons possessing a scrotum and a penis. I.e., trans-women. And, for that matter, cis-males.

See Consequences: logically absurd conclusions where it is noted that the British Columbia Human Rights Commission is already taking similar demands seriously.

As to other consequences, it seems to me that if this had been law a few years ago Dr. Larry Nassar could have avoided a 175 year prison sentence for sexually assaulting hundreds of young female gymnasts simply by identifying as a ‘woman.’

Would have saved Michigan State University half a billion dollars, too.


Barbra Streisand on Michael Jackson:

“His sexual needs were his sexual needs, coming from whatever childhood he has or whatever DNA he has,” Streisand told The Times.

Harvey Weinstein’s sexual needs belonged to Harvey Weinstein, too.

“You can say ‘molested,’ but those children, as you heard say [grown-up Robson and Safechuck], they were thrilled to be there. They both married and they both have children, so it didn’t kill them.”

Yes, you can say ‘molested.’ You should say ‘raped,’ or ‘sexually assaulted.’

And you can wonder if Weinstein’s victims were thrilled at the time, for similar reasons. Sexual assault didn’t kill any of them either, and they were old enough to consent.

Babs, you’re off script.  And an idiot.

What is "woke?"

“Woke” is when Feminists suddenly realize that the clear message they sent in 1998: “If a powerful Progressive man sexually assaults you – you’re on your own,” was a less than optimal choice.

I would be happy to give him [Bill Clinton] a blowjob just to thank him for keeping abortion legal. I think American women should be lining up with their Presidential kneepads on to show their gratitude for keeping the theocracy off our backs.
Nina Burleigh, 1998
It sucks to be someone promoting Monica Lewinsky envy.

If all the sexual allegations now swirling around the White House turn out to be true, President Clinton may be a candidate for sex addiction therapy. But feminists will still have been right to resist pressure by the right wing and the media to call for his resignation or impeachment.
Gloria Steinem, 1998
Part of the ‘swirling’ was a allegation of rape. Steinem couldn’t distinguish the fish of convenience from the bicycles of feminist betrayal.

Skipping forward a decade, Feminism still was not woke…

Polanski was not guilty of ‘rape-rape’, says Whoopi Goldberg – 2009
Whoopi had a point. Polanksi was guilty of rape, rape, rape, rape, rape, rape, rape, rape, rape, rape, rape, rape.

Actress defends Weiner, says ‘everyone lies about sex’ – 2011
Maybe that’s why Janeane Garofalo also thinks, “Sex is the quickest way to ruin a friendship.

Skipping forward another decade (just this week), Feminism may be woking…

Liberals ‘move on’ from defending Bill Clinton’s sexual conduct – 2017

Chelsea Handler apologizes to Bill Clinton accuser Juanita Broaddrick: ‘I believe you’ – 2017

Feminist Wokeness to its own principles only took two decades and the political necessity to purge the Clintons from public life before the next Presidential election. But they’re starting to pretend to get it (“get it” is the phrase “woke” is replacing).

So. When can we expect an apology from Hillary? She can’t possibly run in 2020 without one.

That’s not funny!

Bill Clinton: A Reckoning by Caitlin Flanagan
&nbsp&nbsp”Feminists saved the 42nd president of the United States in the 1990s. They
&nbsp&nbspwere on the wrong side of history; is it finally time to make things right?”

Now, Caitlin Flanagan is despised by “Real Feminists,” see here and here, so she cannot exemplify a sea-change in the Feminist Industrial Complex hypocrisy quotient.

Her lack of “Real Feminist” credentials may be why she can see that driving Bill Clinton’s getaway car was a Feminist mistake women are still paying for today.

While it would have been too late to deter Roy Moore, maybe a more principled “Real Feminist” reaction to the Clintons’ abuse of women would have given Harvey Weinstein pause, or caused Al Franken to act differently:
Senator Al Franken Kissed and Groped Me Without My Consent, And There’s Nothing Funny About It

There was never anything humorous about Al Franken, but it’s still hard to believe he allowed someone to take a picture of him grinning while committing sexual assault.

It’s just sex

Hillary stood by her man when he was dallying with Gennifer Flowers, and she ranted about vast right-wing conspiracies after he played hide-the-cigar with Monica Lewinsky. The Feminist Industrial Complex stood by them both. Throwing Monica, Kathleen, Juanita and Paula under the bus wasn’t about sex, it was about power.

Rationalizing this massive betrayal of fundamental principle would cause most people to experience some severe cognitive dissonance. Not the Feminists.

If you wonder “Why are so many Progressive men now being exposed as long time sexual predators?,” it’s significantly because the Church of Feminism long gave indulgences to anyone who supports abortion on demand – exemplified by Nina Burleigh, who said she’d be “happy to give [Bill Clinton] a blowjob just to thank him for keeping abortion legal.” Monica Lewinsky was just collateral damage. As are the women who were molested by Harvey Weinstein. They knew Feminism didn’t have their backs, so how could they possibly stand up to Weinstein’s power?

Possibly excepting the DNC, what other group could be such effective allies in promoting the defilement of women? Whatever happened to their Clinton defense that “it’s just sex?” That shouldn’t have excused Bill Clinton any more that it could excuse Roy Moore. Now, some Feminists are starting to turn their gimlet gaze in Slick Willie’s direction. Time for an accounting? Of whom, Slick or his enablers?

I don’t think I’ve ever linked to Politico before, but this is worth a read, though the fact that the headline mentions Roy Moore rather than Harvey Weinstein (or Anthony Weiner, or a dozen other Progressive scions) is an indication the Left isn’t quite self-aware even yet:

How Roy Moore’s Misdeeds Are Forcing an Awakening on the Left

Too late. Way too late.

Self-awareness is not her strong suit

Hillary says:

I commend the women who’ve been willing to come forward and tell their stories [about Harvey Weinstein].”

Like you did with Gennifer, Juanita, Paula and Monica?

There’s a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office.

That’s way different from “My husband committed sexual assaults in the Oval Office.” It’s OK, though; Those assaults were ‘litigated,’ and are ‘in the past.’ What difference, at this point, does it make?