Now, Governor… about "Plan B"?

Michigan Proposal 1-15, the Taxpayer Spoils Division and Extortion Act(s) bipartisan effort to get voters to do the job legislators are paid to do has failed. Ribbentrop and Molotov could not be reached for comment.The other good news is that a plan to fix Michigan roads without tax increases has been available for a long… Continue reading Now, Governor… about "Plan B"?


Today is voting day. Stop Proposal 1. If you're still undecided, read this. And this.VOTE TODAY!Update 10:28AM: Do you think this: Detroit Education Overhaul Would Cost Other Schools $50 Per Student, is in any way related to the $300 million allocated annually to the K-12 system by the Redistributive Tax Increase Constitutional Amendment Lansing wants… Continue reading #NO_MIProp1-15

The Michigan Convolution

Rep. Ray Franz Presentation on Roads: What You Should KnowIncludes a good video encapsulation from District 101 Representative Ray Franz. About 20 min.Takeaways:Proposal 1-15 amends the Michigan Constitution. It is convoluted. This will be a low turnout vote. You have to show up to register your opinion.There will be a Plan B.Copyright 2005-2019

NO! Proposal One is your ‘go to’ site for Proposal 1 information: More Info On Proposal One. Share that link. For your convenience, I've followed some links from that post and you'll find them below. I recommend checking the full analyses (fifteen minutes or so each), but I've included some shorter references (a couple of minutes) for… Continue reading NO! Proposal One

NO! to increased taxes

Image from Michigan Taxes Too MuchPut another way that's a 2 Billion dollar tax increase. The good news is, you can say "No!" on May 5th.Meanwhile, ads for a "Yes" vote on Proposition 1 are increasing in frequency and hysteria. The public/pirate partnership is telling us we can have either this tax increase or killer… Continue reading NO! to increased taxes