Looting and Freedom

Whether political freedom or economic freedom is more important is a moot question. The most basic property right is self-ownership. To the degree that right is compromised, so is freedom. A commenter at the linked article above noted this: “I propose in the following discussion to call one’s own labor, and the equivalent exchange of… Continue reading Looting and Freedom

#PureHooligan: At the Capitol today

Michigan altercations provoke our indignation, elevate our blood pressure, dismay us and inspire us to avoid large gatherings of union thugs. Michigan's union halls, large manufactories, public schools, government departments and more are stuffed with people yearning to be free. But felonious assault, is... Pure Hooligan.A Michigan Union man discusses right-to-work with Steven CrowderThe Teamsters,… Continue reading #PureHooligan: At the Capitol today

Red flag in Senate district 17

The Conservative Evolution of Randy RichardvilleThe future majority leader of the Michigan Senate wants his critics to know that he is no liberalHe may want us to know that, and he may not be a liberal. What he is not is a conservative. He's a "Republican" who favors unionization forced by governmentAs a recent example,… Continue reading Red flag in Senate district 17


This undercover report, by a Wired reporter, discusses his experience working for Walmart. The story has been noted elsewhere. However, if you have not read it, you should. REALLY, it's educational. Especially if you are one of the union robo-activists trying to destroy it. Think of your children, now that the UAW is dying or… Continue reading Wall-E(d)

Investment advice you can figure out for yourself

The Lansing area UAW just finished a month-long local strike here in the economically worst performing state in the Union. American Axle workers in Hamtramck are voting on whether to end an 87 day strike. The UAW is also just coming off a strike in Kansas.In the mid 60s I worked on the line at… Continue reading Investment advice you can figure out for yourself

Wealth of Station

"Anonymous" left a comment regarding yesterday's post, Unions busting you, that is worth examining. He/she writes:The Mackinac Center for Public Policy has it all wrong.They support a low wage economic development policy which attracts footloose jobs.Those low paying footloose jobs will come, and leave when another state or country offers them even lower wages.Lower wages… Continue reading Wealth of Station

We need right to work laws

Some Lansing unionists are clamoring for a local "prevailing wage" rule. They don't like non-union people making $25 an hour when they are making $35.The Lansing State Journal reports on this issue:Proposal for prevailing wage in city faces hurdles A proposed prevailing wage ordinance that would require contractors to pay union wages generated a storm… Continue reading We need right to work laws