Happy Thanksgiving

I'm thankful the Pilgrims' realization that collectivism causes misery and creates poverty still resonates enough 400 years later that most of us continue to respect the ideas of freedom of conscience, individual liberty, and free markets. Despite over 100 years of accelerating totalitarian attempts to destroy them from within. In "Of Plymouth Plantation, ... the… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving

Looting and Freedom

Whether political freedom or economic freedom is more important is a moot question. The most basic property right is self-ownership. To the degree that right is compromised, so is freedom. A commenter at the linked article above noted this: “I propose in the following discussion to call one’s own labor, and the equivalent exchange of… Continue reading Looting and Freedom

Trump and Oregon and property rights

I'm waiting with interest for what Donald Trump has to say about the Federal attempt to force ranchers in Oregon off their land. See: The Full Story about what's going on in Oregon.To summarize: The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) have harassed ranchers in Oregon's Harney Basin since… Continue reading Trump and Oregon and property rights

What’s going on in Oregon?

This is a must read: Full Story on What’s Going on In Oregon.Take your blood pressure medication first.What's being done to the Hammonds demonstrates what happens when property rights are disregarded.It's worth pointing out that presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would both approve of this at-gun-point expropriation.The Other Club noted the foundational nature… Continue reading What’s going on in Oregon?

Property, morality and religion

Just read Larry Arnn’s (President of Hillsdale College) Imprimis piece Property Rights and Religious Liberty.  It’s excellent, but ultimately uncompelling as an argument that property rights are insufficient to secure religious liberty and freedom of conscience. Some rambling reactions...Arnn:[R]ecognizing that property is at the heart of the political argument we are having these days, [there]… Continue reading Property, morality and religion

Whose property are you?

Trial lawyer extraordinaire John Edwards is going to force you to see a doctor. Ipso facto, he does not think you own your body. Therefore, I'm sure he's a big fan of removing other property rights, as described here: Earmarks & the Kelo Decision Rolled Into OneIf the Founding Fathers had wanted local zoning decisions… Continue reading Whose property are you?

Ellsworth Toohey is alive and well and living in Seattle

Maureen Martin, writing at TCS Daily, notes that Some Seattle school children are being told to be skeptical of private property rights. This lesson is being taught by banning Legos [sic].A ban was initiated at the Hilltop Children's Center in Seattle. According to an article in the winter 2006-07 issue of "Rethinking Schools" magazine, the… Continue reading Ellsworth Toohey is alive and well and living in Seattle