Like phylloxera?

French leaders say social and racial theories "entirely imported from the United States" are destroying French culture It's nice to see the French complaining about Leftwing American zealots. However, Mr. Macron may wish to consider the contributions of: Derrida. Foucault. Barthes. Lyotard. Baudrillard. Lacon. Althusser. These are all French Postmodernists and/or Neo-Marxists. Sort of a… Continue reading Like phylloxera?

Get thee to a Memery

As memes go, this is the first time I’ve heard of this one. Still, there are T-shirts..."When I was young my father said to me: “Knowledge is Power….Francis Bacon” I understood it as “Knowledge is power, France is Bacon.”I empathize: When I was 9 I read Treasure Island, pronouncing “island” in my head as “Is… Continue reading Get thee to a Memery

Sexist, Transphobic, Excoriable, Misogynist

That's how progressive government schools define STEM these days. Let's use this look at the poet Robert Frost to expand the point: Rehabilitating Robert Frost: The Unity of his Literary, Cultural, and Political Thought[F]or about four decades Frost was “the necessary enemy” of both “the political left and the modernist literary elite,”... Frost perceived that… Continue reading Sexist, Transphobic, Excoriable, Misogynist

Meaning and Millennials

"I think that often people come to the conclusion that life is meaningless because that is a better conclusion to come to than the reverse, because if life is meaningless, well then who cares what you do. But if life is meaningful, if what you do matters, then everything you do matters, and that puts… Continue reading Meaning and Millennials

Victimhood competence hierarchies

"Tyrannical pathological hierarchies are based on power..." -Jordan Peterson Dr. Peterson sometimes refers to our traditional hierarchies as hierarchies of competence, since they arise organically out of our necessity to act in the world.  To do something is to want to improve the way you do it.  Some people will become better than others in… Continue reading Victimhood competence hierarchies

Victor Davis Hanson, call your office

It seems that the plan is to reduce University course selection to just one subject: Victim Group Studies. How I was Kicked Out of the Society for Classical Studies Annual Meeting Mary Frances Williams is a courageous person.  Reading about her experience tells us much about the modern Academy. Here is a long quote about… Continue reading Victor Davis Hanson, call your office