This is not the diversity you’re looking for

UMich student gov MANDATES attendance at ‘Students of Color’ events
RTWT, but this struck me as disingenuous (the vote was 25-2 with three abstentions):

“It is a bit ridiculous to mandate cultural curiosity,” representative Edwin Mui, one of the three individuals who abstained from voting, told Campus Reform.

“As U-M students, we should already have a mindset of fostering diversity and inclusion,” Mui continued. “The fact we must pass legislation to force representatives to learn about different cultures is disappointing.”

Indeed.  But not, I think, for the reasons Mr. Mui regrets. I note no one is being forced to be curious about the College Republicans club.

With the feigned distress of one who refused to take a side, he regrets the “necessity.” But which necessity? The necessity that attendance at Students of Color events be raised? The necessity of virtue signaling?  The necessity of using power to make people do something they obviously prefer not to do?  At not least frequently enough to satisfy U-M’s tiny totalitarians?

Mr. Mui is not upset that University of Michigan student government is force marching the cultural-diversity resistant reprobates who are obviously not real “U-M quality” students. It’s something they should want to do anyway. U-M student government was left with no choice but to make them attend re-education seminars.  That may not work exactly the way they hope.

Mr. Mui doesn’t object to the result; he objects to the U-M student government’s abuse of power being laid bare.  That necessity wasn’t regrettable.  Or necessary.

I wonder if someone will become so enamored of another culture that the U-M student government will have to pass an anti-cultural-appropriation mandate. If they haven’t already.

DeGaulle’s grave: explosion imminent

From the Wall Street Journal:

France’s top law-enforcement official was convicted Friday of making racist comments and ordered to pay … [about 3,000 Euros] … to an antiracism group. Mr. Hortefeux [Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux] was caught on camera last year making what sounded like anti-Arab remarks

… A video circulating on the Internet showed Mr. Hortefeux at an event last September in southwest France for the governing UMP party, having his picture taken with a young party member of North African origin.

A woman’s voice is heard saying “it’s our little Arab,” and Mr. Hortefeux is heard saying: “We always need one. When there’s one, that’s all right. It’s when there are a lot of them that there are problems.”

Mr. Hortefeux’s office said later the remark was a reference to the many photos taken at the event. The incident occurred shortly after Mr. Hortefeux suspended a top regional official for racist comments.

Hoist with his own petard. Ironic.

More ironic yet is that the French are a people who practice organized vandalism over the opening of a McDonald’s and who pass laws to outlaw the phrase “le hot dog,” because those are icons of cultural assimilation; threats to the French way of life. Meanwhile, mentioning the true existential threat of demographic reverse assimilation is, um, verboten.

Where will France’s culture take refuge after that process is complete? Then who will sing La Marseillaise? And if anyone does, in what language?

So, where is Charles DeGaulle when he’s needed? Spinning in his grave, because if that country of “North African origin” turned out to be Algeria, it would be more than irony can bear.

H/T Paladin

Content Canada

Canadian freedom takes a step forward by allowing a foreign corporation to sell books from Canadian soil. I’ll bet you never thought this had been prohibited, but for Amazon to Open Center in Canada is a big deal:

The decision is the biggest departure yet from Canada’s long-standing policy that “cultural” industries like book and music publishing should be controlled by Canadian companies.

…Canada is trying to position itself as a champion of free trade and open markets…

…Canada also announced last month that it plans to eliminate all tariffs on the import of machinery and other manufacturing parts, making it the first developed country to do so.

Canadians just became a bit more free and, predictably, protected industries are upset about it. Amazon in Canada angers McNally

Support for multi-culturalism apparently has its limits, but the bigger story is elimination of machinery and parts from the tariff list. Good move. The US should follow it.

Let us forget

Obama’s Plan to Desecrate 9/11

Sadly, that headline is neither fanatic nor fanciful. RTWT

9/11 is to become the “National Day of Service,” so we will no longer focus on external danger or the 3,000 who died. 9-11 is a past crisis which must be wasted away by Presidential edict.

Despite this attempted revisionism, 9-11 will remain a day of somber reflection, attenuated mourning and thoughts of “never again.” Americans aren’t the dupes Barack Obama and his fringe-left friends imagine them to be. 9-11 is sacred. Attempting to make it a day of celebration of the advent of carbon taxes and ACORN/SEIU/AFL-CIO/FoE/Color of Change organizing is reprehensible.

What’s next, designating December 7th as the “Day of Pan-Oceanic Multiculturalism?”