Scotty! Impulse engines – FULL REVERSE!!

Have monkeypox? CDC advises no sex, but says masturbation 6 feet apart or virtual sex reduce risk

This would be humorous, if it were not our government health gurus at work protecting us.

It is problrmatic for the Progressive anointed to acknowledge that Monkeypox is, for the time being, overwhelmingly spread among homosexual males who have never heard the phrase ‘impulse control.’ They represent 98% of the infections.

They identify as Monkeypox immune. And f*ck the rest of society… Which is their objective, I guess.

The same people who ranted about mask mandates, “You’re a murderer if you don’t wear one!“, can’t bring themselves to impede large homosexual sexfests in any way.

Any serious measures to discourage male-on-male orgies is at least bordering on the “speech is violence” theories of white female progs on Twitter. It’s stigmatizing gays to say, “Have sex with fewer strangers, especially groups of strangers. If you have symptoms, don’t have sex at all.” As the WaPo puts it, “As monkeypox strikes gay men, officials debate warnings to limit partners.” Debate… warnings? I guess it’s not like a mask mandate because it’s only a warning, and Monkeypox is not airborne. Although these impulse control deniers are working on helping it mutate.

And what would be analogous to mask mandates, anyway? Chastity belt mandates? Butt plug mandates? Dental dam mandates? Hazmat suit mandates? All of the above seem reasonable for people who don’t understand abstinence is for their own good. Right? Right?…

What happened to “follow the science”?

And, we obviously need Monkeypox vaccinations for kids, of course. You can no more expect toddlers and infants to masturbate 6 feet apart than you can the 98%. It can’t be that infants understand virtual sex, can it? And who knows what sex they really are?

In May the WHO said there was no urgent need for Monkeypox vaccination. We’ve heard this before. Only this time we already had effective vaccines.

The problem is there’s a vaccine shortage because HHS took WHO’s advice. HHS didn’t order bottling of doses the US already owned until June, and the FDA was slow to conduct an inspection allowing it to ship. The FDA finished in late July.

Meanwhile, to help build your confidence in our public health Czars, a headline from the 50’s:
New York Health Department says hundreds of people may be infected with polio virus