What We Call National Health Care or Single-Payer Is a Crime Against Humanity Wait times are rationing. The payer just says "nay" to timely treatment. The Other Club has been writing about wait times in Canada's single-payer medical system since 2005. Click the tag below. Elizabeth Warren's plan would be worse than Canada's. The math… Continue reading Single-nayer

Health Insurance and Health Care are not the same thing

Most recent data from Canada, where there is universal health insurance: Waiting Your Turn - Wait Times for Health Care in Canada, 2017 Report Waiting for treatment has become a defining characteristic of Canadian health care. In order to document the lengthy queues for visits to specialists and for diagnostic and surgical procedures in the… Continue reading Health Insurance and Health Care are not the same thing

Canada Health care retrospective

The Other Club has written extensively about health care in Canada (see below). So much in fact, that the story earlier this month about Newfoundland Premier (Governor) Danny Williams coming to the United States for heart surgery seemed like same old, same old.The comparable story, from a US perspective, might be that the Governor of… Continue reading Canada Health care retrospective

Canada Health Care – Recent News. And some from here, too.

Except for 1 nod to The Wall Street Journal, please note that all sources are Canadian.Canadians face 16-week wait for surgery: ReportCalgary HeraldOctober 29, 2009Canadians looking to undergo surgery can expect to wait an average of 113 days in 2009, a slight improvement over last year, a national health-care survey has found.The Fraser Institute's annual… Continue reading Canada Health Care – Recent News. And some from here, too.


The Mackinac Center for Public Policy has spoken with some Canadians about wait times for health care. This is anecdotal, of course, and you could certainly find stories in the United States that would tear at your heart. For example, Michelle and Barack Obama both tell an intensely personal health scare story involving meningitis and… Continue reading Anecdotes

The View from Dromore

Recently, I was visited by an old friend from Dromore, Ontario, Canada. During his visit I had occasion to see my doctor because of an infection on my left ankle that was not responding to home treatment. Because it resulted from a quite minor scrape, I expected it to heal in a few days. A… Continue reading The View from Dromore