Detroit Charter Schools 47, Detroit Public Schools 0

A Stanford University study suggests attending Charter Schools in Detroit results in significantly better educational achievement than attending government schools. Stanford University study finds charter pupils gain an extra three months of learningDetroit school children are learning at a rate of an extra three months in school a year when in charter public schools compared… Continue reading Detroit Charter Schools 47, Detroit Public Schools 0

The education monopoly

Ken Shelton, Middle Schools Computer teacher: "...the ultimate goal is to educate the children..."In contrast to Mr. Shelton, the goal of a teachers union is to perpetuate the teachers union and the political objectives of its leaders, and the goal of the typical school board is to be re-elected. That is, the major players are… Continue reading The education monopoly

MEA Culpa

I reproduce an e-newsletter* from Jack Hoogendyk regarding Governor Granholm's proposal to spend $300 million on high school reform. Dear Duane, In her state of the state address a couple of weeks ago, the governor introduced a new idea to improve high school graduation rates and encourage more students to attend college. There was a… Continue reading MEA Culpa

Faux Pod

The Lansing State Journal reports that Michigan Democrat House Leader Andy Dillon wants the "iPod for every school-child" initiative to wait until the budget is settled. See TOC's Circumspice for more on this and other aspects of Michigan's economy.Let us state it simply: Dillon wants to discuss adding $38 million in spending ONLY AFTER the… Continue reading Faux Pod