Jay R. Grodner has his day in court

Justice is served upon an anti-military shyster in Chicago. Via Blackfive commenter wp91:The update: At 1400 hours the defendant showed up, and was told that he was half an hour late. The Judge stated on the record that the defendant had done the same thing during the previous court date, and he said that the… Continue reading Jay R. Grodner has his day in court

Jay R. Grodner news

John Kass, in the Chicago Tribune:Marine has vocal fans, but lawyer mum...It's not the case of the century, but it has captured the hearts of many readers.Some want to fix McNulty's car for free, so he can sell it. Others offered to purchase the vehicle. Several BMW dealers -- not wanting their names in the… Continue reading Jay R. Grodner news

Jay R. Grodner

Appearing today in the Chicago Tribune.For Marine's sendoff, his car is keyed-John KassAccording to the Cook County state's attorney's office, it wasn't an accident, but a deliberate key job, not done by some kid or street thug, but by a Chicago lawyer who apparently can't stand the military.Private attorney Jay R. Grodner, 55, of Chicago… Continue reading Jay R. Grodner