Child abuse

A good exercise for your local school board: They prepare by reading the article linked below, and then invite parents to a subsequent public debate among the school board members. Maybe it’s framed as, “Resolved: This article is disinformation.” Or, put it on the school’s website and invite public comment. Harrison Bergeron is mentioned. It’s… Continue reading Child abuse

Lecternal truth

Man in Viral Photo Carrying Pelosi’s Lectern Is Arrested I don’t think stealing Pelosi’s lectern contributes as much as any one of the TVs looted in Minneapolis, Seattle, Chicago, or Portland to the disease afflicting our polity. Nobody got arrested for those, and the guy who stole the lectern actually has a claim to have… Continue reading Lecternal truth

Looters tend to be ingrates

Taken from a review of Tyler Cowen's Big Business: A Love Letter to an American Anti-Hero - “How is this tweet, from “Dina,” for showing lack of gratitude toward business? “If you think about it. People with glasses are literally paying to use their eyes. Capitalism is a bitch.” Shortly after it was posted, it… Continue reading Looters tend to be ingrates

Justice among the socialists

A New York City high school which produces makers is under attack by looters.No Ethnic Group Owns Stuyvesant. All New Yorkers Do.-Boaz Weinstein "Admission to Stuyvesant was and remains determined by a single test available to all middle school students in the city. There are no soft criteria for admission: no interviews, no favoritism for… Continue reading Justice among the socialists

Looting and Freedom

Whether political freedom or economic freedom is more important is a moot question. The most basic property right is self-ownership. To the degree that right is compromised, so is freedom. A commenter at the linked article above noted this: “I propose in the following discussion to call one’s own labor, and the equivalent exchange of… Continue reading Looting and Freedom


Commenting on my Academiot roundup post, below, a friend wrote:This one excerpt reminds me of the tax law ...Write so as to permit the greatest number of interpretations possible.....Obscurity may “protect from serious scrutiny” (Ellis 1989: 148). The idea is “to create a text without finality or completion, one with which the reader can never… Continue reading Nefarious