No rational arguments please, we’re Republicans

“Republicans can start by stopping trying to win rational arguments.” A friend recently shared that sentence (not his) in an email. It's in regard to an article at The Daily Signal by Sebastian Gorka. The idea of abandoning rational argument just keeps nagging at me. It’s a capitulation to the Know Nothings on the Right… Continue reading No rational arguments please, we’re Republicans

Do not a wastrel be

I've made - these - same points, but they bear repeating in another voice. I've excerpted a couple of bits, but you should RTWT.How Not To Waste Your Vote: A Mathematical Analysis [T]here are many benefits of voting third party, even for president. It makes a political statement to the majority parties. It helps local… Continue reading Do not a wastrel be

The best defense?

Charles R. Kesler, professor of government at Claremont McKenna College, writes a defense of Donald Trump for the Washington Post. Granted, it’s the WaPo, but this is particularly shallow and unpersuasive.…Trump won the Republican nomination fair and square, against 16 contenders, and the arguments for ignoring or rejecting those results need to be carefully examined.The… Continue reading The best defense?