The fierce complacency of amoral pragmatism

Recommended reading on Our President's reaction to the protests in Iran.Mark Steyn: Iran neutrality no option for ObamaFor the Obama administration, this presents a particular challenge – because the president's preferred rhetorical tic is to stake out the two sides and present himself as a dispassionate, disinterested soul of moderation: "There are those who would… Continue reading The fierce complacency of amoral pragmatism

Grass Mud Horses in Iran

The Grass Mud Horse is a Chinese dissident construct representing those who resist authoritarian censorship, particularly censorship of the Internet. The horses are visiting Iran. You can help them.Twitter is a major communication resource for Iranian protesters. Twitter has delayed a major software patch to their service so as not to interrupt this communication. Because… Continue reading Grass Mud Horses in Iran

Obambi’s open hand slapped

Hungary 1956. Prague 1968. Tiananmen Square 1989. The only thing missing in Tehran are the Communist tanks. Our President broke 3 days of silence on the Iranian election fraud today. Maybe it was pictures of people being murdered by the Quds Force and their ilk that bestirred him. Barack Obama is "deeply troubled" by violence… Continue reading Obambi’s open hand slapped

Signs of the long, slow apocalypse

1- Why is the DOJ changing the rules for Federal Firearm Licenses?...The Department of Justice is amending the regulations of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives ("ATF'') to delegate to the Director of ATF the authority to serve as the deciding official regarding the denial, suspension, or revocation of federal firearms licenses, or… Continue reading Signs of the long, slow apocalypse


This is from Obama's official website. Emphasis mine. Obama: Initial Meetings With Hostile Nations Would Start With Lower Level Aides; Bush Admin "Preconditions" Are Exactly What Need to Be Negotiated In These Meetings. Asked whether his idea of meeting with hostile nations consisted of "from the get-go of the President of the United States" or… Continue reading Huh?

Appeasement by any other name…

Would have the same stench.The man on the right has questioned whether Jews are human beings and has called for Israel to be destroyed.The man on the right denies that the Holocaust happened, and he participated in the Dhimmi Carter era hostage taking of American Embassy personnel in Tehran. See here and here.The man on… Continue reading Appeasement by any other name…

Non-interventionists in the State Department

We've been running clandestine experiments in non-intervention for some time. John Bolton comments on how that's worked in Iran:...Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice initially had planned to provide significant aid to the pro-democracy movement in Iran, as a means of giving the president more policy options, Bolton said. But resistance by the State Department bureaucracy… Continue reading Non-interventionists in the State Department