John Kerry, belatedly, proven right

Qasem Soleimani, deceased commander of the Quds Force (Iran's amalgam of the CIA and Navy Seals), a division of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps - designated as a terrorist organization last year - has a long history of conducting war against the United States. He helped plan the attack on our Benghazi diplomatic facilities. He… Continue reading John Kerry, belatedly, proven right

Thank you, sir, may I have another?

Ten United States Navy sailors are abducted by Iran and then released. The Obama Administration claims the Iranians were helping our boats in distress. That doesn't explain why our sailors were forced to surrender on their knees, blindfolded and given sparse accommodation; why no actual distress call was received by the Navy; or how two… Continue reading Thank you, sir, may I have another?

First they came for Indiana pizzarias

Easter Sunday, and this past week’s events, prompt me to worry specifically about the future of freedom of conscience in the United States and, generally, about erosion of 1st Amendment rights. Contrast the MSM treatment of Iran's Mullahs of Mass Destruction with that of obscure private citizens in the United States.Our Secretary of State is… Continue reading First they came for Indiana pizzarias

Just Words

Our President has subjected us to a wearing parade of oversights, sleights, and pettiness - at once vacuous and calculating – a tendency that seems to lay close beneath his intellectual patina. I say calculating rather than accidental because it has become impossible to imagine these blunders are not deliberate. This is insensitivity masquerading as… Continue reading Just Words

Neda Agha Soltan

WARNING, very graphic and disturbing.Her name was Neda Agha Soltan.There are credible reports (including a video) that Neda was watching a demonstration from some distance. She was a target of opportunity for a Basij thug, old enemies of America.It becomes more difficult to remain merely "very concerned," because as President Obama said, "the world is… Continue reading Neda Agha Soltan

Helping Iran

Dr. Michael Ledeen at Foundation for the Defense of Democracies: How Should We Help Iran? Read the whole thing. Here are abbreviated points:1. The single most important thing is to get accurate information to the Iranian people about what is going on inside Iran.2. We should be able to get some working satellite phones into… Continue reading Helping Iran

The fierce complacency of amoral pragmatism

Recommended reading on Our President's reaction to the protests in Iran.Mark Steyn: Iran neutrality no option for ObamaFor the Obama administration, this presents a particular challenge – because the president's preferred rhetorical tic is to stake out the two sides and present himself as a dispassionate, disinterested soul of moderation: "There are those who would… Continue reading The fierce complacency of amoral pragmatism

Grass Mud Horses in Iran

The Grass Mud Horse is a Chinese dissident construct representing those who resist authoritarian censorship, particularly censorship of the Internet. The horses are visiting Iran. You can help them.Twitter is a major communication resource for Iranian protesters. Twitter has delayed a major software patch to their service so as not to interrupt this communication. Because… Continue reading Grass Mud Horses in Iran

Obambi’s open hand slapped

Hungary 1956. Prague 1968. Tiananmen Square 1989. The only thing missing in Tehran are the Communist tanks. Our President broke 3 days of silence on the Iranian election fraud today. Maybe it was pictures of people being murdered by the Quds Force and their ilk that bestirred him. Barack Obama is "deeply troubled" by violence… Continue reading Obambi’s open hand slapped