AZ to DC

A letter I would like Governor Brewer to send to President Obama.Mr. President,Yesterday you elected to sue the State of Arizona, claiming that our enforcement of an Arizona law will impede Federal enforcement of a nearly identical Federal law. We are disappointed. We hoped you would welcome the assistance, since the general government has clearly… Continue reading AZ to DC

Too smart to say that?

Senator Jon Kyl mentions something President Obama said to him (~3:17) about why Obama won't support secure borders:The White House denies this, "Senator Kyl knows the president didn't say that." Right. It depends on what the meaning of "the" is.  The White House sub-text is: "Obama's too smart to say that,"  but he has not… Continue reading Too smart to say that?

Berna Lewis is Shocked…

Shocked!"Outraged" by the behavior of her employees, ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis said, “all of our employees, if they’re too stupid to understand that they’re not reaching professional standards, we terminate them.”One might wonder, given ACORN's history of trying to avoid paying even the minimum wage to its employees, whether inadequate training expenditures combined with exemplary… Continue reading Berna Lewis is Shocked…

We had to hang pork chops on their necks to get the dogs to play with ignore them

I think we've found some replacement workers for those Islamic cashiers in Minneapolis who refuse to handle bacon, ham, pork chops or pepperoni pizza. These are replacements whose hiring cannot raise a question of religious discrimination by the employer.Five Iraqi Muslims whose religion forbids them from contact with pork were caught trying to sneak illegally… Continue reading We had to hang pork chops on their necks to get the dogs to play with ignore them

Lame AND pathetic

I thought this was a joke, and I guess it is, but it wasn't intended to be. John McCain has announced the political equivalent of S&H Green Stamps, though it is not yet clear what redemption may ensue. For myself, I'm not expecting a Cabinet job.The deal is, say nice things about John McCain on… Continue reading Lame AND pathetic