Green Jobs?

The Obama Christmas Tree Tax. Really. This isn't The Onion. The Onion might have asked if you now have to go to a Federal Christmastreetion Camp to pay your mandatory tree ransom.Crony Capitalism, Christmas Trees, and the Stupidest Tax of All TimeIf you grow your own do you have to send Obama a check for… Continue reading Green Jobs?

Fatuous bunch of crap

Carolyn Lin is professor of communication sciences in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and associate dean of the UConn Graduate School. She is "an expert on campaign strategy."Here's the proof in her own words:The most damaging aspect about negative political advertising is that when the lies about another candidate stick, there is no… Continue reading Fatuous bunch of crap


$11,000 average home prices. Not a single chain grocery store in the city. $259 million deficit. 58% high school graduation rate. 100 vacant schools. Metro Detroit area unemployment highest in the nation at 15% in June, City proper unemployment 25% in May, both stats gathered prior to GM bankruptcy. (h/t Carpe Diem)Detroit is a suppurating… Continue reading Detroit

Outsourcing failure

Couldn't they have outsourced this to India?Schneider: Letter to state employers not a hoaxJohn Schneider • January 8, 2009 • From LSJ.comThe letter, supposedly from the State of Michigan, was such a train wreck that I assumed it was a hoax....Sent to 1,400-plus employers, the letter claims to be from the "Michigan Department of Health… Continue reading Outsourcing failure

What do the initials “GW” represent?

My first thought would be that “GW” stands for the incumbent US president; my second, “Global Warming™”. But, no, according to some Anglican soul-mates of Jerry “America’s-tolerance-of-gay-people-caused-God-to-visit-the-9/11-attacks-on-us” Falwell, it’s actually “God’s Wrath.”The question of whether we can actually do something more about that than we can about “Global Warming™” is left unanswered. The sermon was… Continue reading What do the initials “GW” represent?