Green Jobs?

The Obama Christmas Tree Tax. Really. This isn’t The Onion. The Onion might have asked if you now have to go to a Federal Christmastreetion Camp to pay your mandatory tree ransom.

Crony Capitalism, Christmas Trees, and the Stupidest Tax of All Time

If you grow your own do you have to send Obama a check for $0.15?

Fatuous bunch of crap

Carolyn Lin is professor of communication sciences in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and associate dean of the UConn Graduate School. She is “an expert on campaign strategy.”

Here‘s the proof in her own words:

The most damaging aspect about negative political advertising is that when the lies about another candidate stick, there is no easy way for that candidate to rebut those lies…

Around the country, a lot of candidates have been condemning government and the need for government to participate in people’s lives. But Lin says most voters really don’t agree with that, since elimination of government might mean you have to pave your own street, establish you [sic] own fire department, go without food safety regulations, or live without government help in a disaster such as a hurricane, earthquake, or oil spill…

You have to craft messages in such a way that people can understand them. You need one clear message, and you need to hang on it throughout the campaign…

Says Lin, “Turnout will be the key for both candidates.”

“[T]he need for government to participate in people’s lives”? Need? Participate?? I guess that’s more profound than “Turnout will be the key for both candidates,” less profound than “when the lies about another candidate stick, there is no easy way for that candidate to rebut those lies,” and as profound as “You have to craft messages in such a way that people can understand them.”  Where would we be without expert campaign strategists?

“Elimination of government.” Where did she get that? Though I’d be happy to repair my own streets if people like Carolyn Lin were in charge: I’d be directing the moat digging and the placement of caltrops.

“Establish my own Fire Department?” Hell, Ingham County already tells me I have to establish my own Police Department.

I hope, for UConn’s sake, that parents paying for their children’s education there do not become aware this drivel.


$11,000 average home prices. Not a single chain grocery store in the city. $259 million deficit. 58% high school graduation rate. 100 vacant schools. Metro Detroit area unemployment highest in the nation at 15% in June, City proper unemployment 25% in May, both stats gathered prior to GM bankruptcy. (h/t Carpe Diem)

Detroit is a suppurating cancer epidemiologically traceable to the twin toxins of racism and statism. When it metastasizes, you had better be prepared. Why do I say “when,” since it would seem that it already should have? Because the national entitlement mentality has had its expectations expanded vastly and the gap between reality and promises will affect Detroit more than anywhere else. Remember the woman swooning over not having to pay her mortgage or to fill her gas tank after a pre-election Obama rally? Multiply her disappointment by 3/4 of Detroit residents.

To those outside it would already seem like a version of Road Warrior-style apocalypse to live there. It will get worse if the yet unrealized predations of our national government are stymied. And worse yet if they are fulfilled.

Meanwhile, Detroit Police have time and money to assist in the funeral of some stuffed animals memorializing a twisted “man.” Police officials are upset. (h/t James Taranto)

2 cruisers lead Jackson mementos to cemetery

Detroit — Two hearses jammed with stuffed animals left in memory of Michael Jackson were given a two-car police escort Friday to the toys’ burial at Woodlawn Cemetery, leaving police officials highly critical of the decision afterward.

…At the cemetery, the toys were unloaded from the tops of the hearses and from boxes inside the vehicles. They were then placed into clear plastic bags and then inside donated vaults.

The cemetery donated the equivalent of three graves for the vaults. A donated gravestone also detailed the singer’s impact on the music industry and the world.

Jackson’s songs played over speakers as a service was held. “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” played as the hearses arrived …

Well, I’ve had more than enough, thank you very much. Couldn’t they have at least cremated the stuffed animals so they’d fit in a single vault?

Outsourcing failure

Couldn’t they have outsourced this to India?

Schneider: Letter to state employers not a hoax
John Schneider • January 8, 2009 • From

The letter, supposedly from the State of Michigan, was such a train wreck that I assumed it was a hoax.

Sent to 1,400-plus employers, the letter claims to be from the “Michigan Department of Health and Human Services,” which doesn’t exist, under the direction of Marianne Udow, who hasn’t worked for the state since August 2007.

Furthermore, the letter thanks Michigan employers for their assistance in “helping to provide child support to Indiana’s children.”

“What the heck … ?” asked Valerie Howell, office manager for H & H Welding/Repair of Mason, who got one of the letters. “I thought for sure it was a scam.”

The letter definitely has that look. The logo is cheesy. The letterhead is strictly bush league. The print job looks like something you might get from a Nigerian prince.

Kurt Weiss of the state Department of Information Technology explained that the task of composing and mailing the letter was outsourced to Policy Studies Inc. of Denver, Colo., which botched the job royally.

Royally botching-wise, as Paladin points out, this demonstrates 2 things: 1) the State of Michigan judges its own employees incapable of writing its letters, and 2) that it does not even read the letters it outsources before mailing them.

An even sadder possiblity is that they did proofread the letter before mailing. Anybody have a postmark? This could also be evidence that the entire State government has been outsourced to Detroit. It could be evidence that the State IT department hasn’t heard of the mail-merge feature in Microsoft Word.

The State will now probably insist on having the letters returned at taxpayer expense so they can be shredded by a company in Ohio at double Michigan companies’ rates.