Tedious cant

People Are Discovering Their Spouses' Work Personas and It's Hilarious I worked from home for several years at the turn of the 2000s, and later worked from home for several years with my wife, 8 feet away, for a joint client. Neither of us had revelations like those described in the link. At least that… Continue reading Tedious cant

All whimsy were the LGBTQI2S

Faced With Gender Propaganda at the Hockey Rink, One Coach Says NoAfter having assisted on his son’s hockey team for three years, the father has been removed from all positions because he questioned the necessity of a mandatory gender identity training course imposed by Hockey Eastern Ontario (formerly the Ottawa District Hockey Association) following a… Continue reading All whimsy were the LGBTQI2S

Rainbows everywhen

If Ye Break Faith With Us... -Mark Steyn on 11/11/2001[T]hough we can scarce grasp what they symbolize, this year the poppies are hard to find. Three Canadian provinces had sold out by last Monday, and by the time you read this the rest of the Royal Canadian Legion's entire stock of 14.8 million will likely… Continue reading Rainbows everywhen

76 private showers led the big charade

Harvard says masculinity and testosterone are not ‘connected’"Harvard University Press International is promoting one of its new books, co-authored by Brooklyn College cultural anthropologist Katrina Karkazis. She’s also a senior research fellow with the Global Health Justice Partnership at Yale University. The book “debunks the commonly held idea that testosterone and masculinity are connected,” according… Continue reading 76 private showers led the big charade

The “Equality Act”

In May, 236 Democrats and 8 Republicans in the House of Representatives passed the Equality Act, updating the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by adding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to Title II and Title VII. Among other consequences, should this Bill ever pass the Senate and somehow survive a veto, it's likely to require… Continue reading The “Equality Act”

Faire disparaître la différence

The Cheshire Cat meets George Orwell. “Don't you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thought-crime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it." - George Orwell, 1984 "Diversity" has become a catch phrase used to whip… Continue reading Faire disparaître la différence

The selected zero-sum victims cult

Conflate the ideas in the following 3 articles, and ponder. 1) Selection effects To take a more provocative example [of selection effects], consider the “____ studies” fields in academia. Even if they don’t explicitly require professors to have left-wing ideas, they select for such professors by making uncomfortable anyone with a different point of view.… Continue reading The selected zero-sum victims cult

Jared Loughner was NOT a feminist…

...so don't blame them.I do not read the Huffington Post, but I was asked by a close friend to read this and then tell her what I thought.  Do not bother to read it, I will summarize: The missing element in the dialog about why Jared Loughner shot a congresswoman is that nobody is blaming… Continue reading Jared Loughner was NOT a feminist…

I can think of at least one

RTWT:  EEOC Warns Employers: If You Don't Want to Hire Felons, You Need a Good ReasonI was especially impressed by this bit: "This is, the EEOC says, because blacks and Hispanics are over-represented among felons."I have noted that the term "felony" has been pushed to such an extent that it's often a joke, or should… Continue reading I can think of at least one