Hillsdale College – Resolute

Since 1844, Hillsdale College has provided classical liberal higher education regardless of students' race, religion, or sex, and was the second college in the United States to grant 4 year degrees to women. Hillsdale's opposition to slavery was one of its founding principles. Frederick Douglass was twice a speaker at the college. The tradition of… Continue reading Hillsdale College – Resolute

Victor Davis Hanson at Hillsdale

I attended Victor Davis Hanson's lecture at Hillsdale College yesterday evening. The topic: “How a Border War in Europe Led to World War II”. Excellent. Dr. Hanson has an amazing command of history.The good news is, you can watch it here. Well worth it.You can also visit Dr. Hanson's blog with that link, or by… Continue reading Victor Davis Hanson at Hillsdale

The Moral Foundations of Society

Rest in Peace, Mrs. Thatcher. I can think of no better tribute than the email I received today from Hillsdale College. A Message from Hillsdale College President Larry P. Arnn:Lady Thatcher, born Margaret Roberts in 1925, was one of the most important and beneficial statesmen of the twentieth century. When she came to power in… Continue reading The Moral Foundations of Society

The Parliament of Mad

Mark Steyn spoke at Hillsdale College last night and I was lucky enough to be there.Hillsdale was the first American college to prohibit in its charter all discrimination based on race, religion, or sex, but is probably most well known for its refusal of government funding. Steyn is a regular speaker at Hillsdale.Steyn's "text" as… Continue reading The Parliament of Mad

The Wall

TOC has mentioned Professor Paul Rahe before. Here is a must read analysis of President Obama's gestures.Yesterday, I mentioned the President's midnight call to the Poles announcing his unilateral abandonment of the missile defense shield they, and the Czechs, had risked much to achieve. I forgot that insult was trebled because it came on the… Continue reading The Wall

Not just words

I highly recommend three posts at Powerline by Dr. Paul Rahe, Professor of History at Hillsdale College, where he holds the Charles O. Lee and Louise K. Lee Chair in the Western Heritage.Dr. Rahe demonstrates that the discrepancy between our President's words and actions is not confined to the obvious - broken promises, and claims… Continue reading Not just words