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Brilliant satire. The ending puts a rapier point on the anti-Israel bias of the BBC.
You may prefer a less charitable term.

It’s hardly the first example of the Beeb’s mindset. They’re recently plentiful.
BBC accused of putting lives at risk after rushing to blame Israel for hospital blast that ‘killed 500’ as PM takes jab

That was BBC correspondent Jon Donnison’s on-air speculation a month ago; “Israel was behind an explosion at the Ahli hospital in Gaza, which Hamas claimed killed more than 500 people.”

“Hamas claims” should be a triple red flag to any person pretending to be a reporter. For Donnison, unfortunately, Hamas’ approval is a commendation.

It was a Hamas rocket. At most 50 people died. They died due to their presence in the hospital parking lot over which Hamas fired the rocket. A rocket Hamas intended to kill Jews. Those who died were in the hospital parking lot in the first place because of the Hamas murder of 1,400 Israeli civilians. And because they knew Hamas uses hospitals as shields: “It’s as safe as it gets when Hamas denies us entry to their bunker complex.

These noncombatants died… did I mention this?… because the faulty Hamas rocket fell on them.

Happens a lot.

I pick on Jon Donnison only because a brief DDG search reveals his complicity in historical Beeb misreporting going back to at least 2012: Beeb war boob.

In that case he claimed a photo taken in Syria of Muslim-on-Muslim dead children violence was an Israeli depredation in Gaza.

He still works for BBC.

I see a pattern.

Golda Meir…

We can forgive [the Arabs] for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with [the Arabs] when they love their children more than they hate us.

An admirably succinct summary of Israel’s dilemma.

More Golda Meir Quotes on Israel & Judaism


Arnold Kling on Substack.
I Condemn. . .But

You say “I condemn. . .but” and then play the whataboutism card. What about “open-air prison? apartheid? occupation?”

Let’s turn around this whataboutism. Did you ever use “open-air prison” to describe a country that is surrounded on all sides by enemies who periodically have launched unprovoked wars? Did you ever use “apartheid” to describe the way that Jews were treated by Arab countries before Israel became a state? Did you ever use “occupation” while making it clear to Arabs and Muslims that it only refers to land acquired in 1967? Or did you let them indulge in drawing maps without Israel, to teach Jew-hatred to their schoolchildren, to chant “from Jordan to the sea,” and to use “occupation” to refer to every square inch of land claimed by the Jewish state?


Einsatzgruppen ≡ Hamas?

Started following MEMRI on Twitter today: @MEMRIReports
A Statement By The President And Founder Of MEMRI On The Hamas Einsatzgruppen Attack

Excerpt, but read the whole short thing.

Now to another matter. The Hamas attack cannot be compared to the ’73 war, which is a war that we now miss. Not even to the massacres of the Islamic State. The comparison to animals made by Israel Defense Minister Gallant is also not appropriate, since no animal commits murder out of sheer cruelty. The only appropriate comparison is to the Einsatzgruppen, the paramilitary death squads of the SS of the Nazi Germany, who were attached to the 4th Wehrmacht Army groups that invaded Poland and Russia in the outbreak of World War II. Their one and only mission was to murder Jews wherever they found them. That is the only relevant comparison, and I propose to anyone that has a heart to stick to this comparison.

I made that same point about animals yesterday in a Xeet.

Einsatzgruppen is almost exactly right. There are many differences, of course, Einsatzgruppen spoke German, had different uniforms, and… uh… … didn’t have paragliders.

That’s it. That’s the list.

Rally for Hamas and Hezbollah

Kathryn Prater’s story, Group rallies at Capitol to raise awareness of Israeli occupation, in today’s Lansing State Journal:

A small group held banners Wednesday on the steps of the state Capitol, seeking to raise awareness about the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.

They gathered to mark 62 years since the occupation began, after Israel became an independent state in 1948. Palestinians commemorate the day, called al-Nakbah, on May 15 each year.

“People are suffering tremendously,” said Dearborn resident Sufian Nabhan, an American Muslims for Palestine board member. “Occupation is apartheid, occupation is segregation. Massacres are going on daily.”

Nabhan said that in the last decade, both his parents died from cancer because they could not get through Israeli blockades to reach a hospital in Jerusalem.

“We’re sending a message to our leaders in this country to stop supporting the occupation with military aid to Israel. We bear responsibility for what we pay for with our tax dollars,” Michigan Peace Team member Mike McCurdy said.

“We may be few, but we stand in solidarity with thousands around the world,” he said from the Capitol steps. “As long as this occupation continues, hate will be bred toward the United States.”

The fact that the LSJ uncritically uses the word “occupation” and names the land in dispute the “Palestinian territories” is proof that the LSJ accepts the argument that Israel should be destroyed. Surely, the LSJ is aware that there is some controversy over whether there is any occupation, and they should have used quotes around the term. But, the LSJ does not take this assertion as an opinion, they accept it as fact.

Dating the “occupation” to 1948 is even more telling. This is critical in supporting the “Right of Return” – demanded by the “Detroit Declaration” of which Sufian Nabhan is a signatory. The “Right of Return” is a demand that 5.5 million Arabs must be allowed to move inside Israel’s 1948 frontiers. Israel’s Jewish population is 3.9 million.

Mr. Nabhan is President of the Islamic Center of Detroit. He also is probably a liar about his parents’ deaths due to Israeli blockades. Might as well say his parents died because of Palestinian suicide bombers and failure to form a State, despite hundreds of millions in aid.

What the Hamas and Hezbollah supporters rallying on the steps of Michigan’s Capitol building mean to say is made clear in this video. One wonders when American Jews who vote for the leftists, and that’s most of them, will wake up.

First they came for the Israelis…


Mea Culpa Americana Contest

We have an answer to yesterday’s question about Dhimmi Carter’s whereabouts – he’s been meeting with Hamas – and another reason to despise them both: Carter to Obama: Remove Hamas From Terror List

…two Palestinian sources told FOX News that the group [Hamas] had discovered two roadside bombs planted near a crossing between Israel and Gaza on a path Carter’s convoy took to meet with the group’s leaders…

They (Hamas, not FOX News) do seem to be able to prevent violence given sufficient motivation:

“Nobody in Gaza will touch this man, [Carter]” Hamas adviser Ahmed Yousef said. “He is on a noble mission. Everyone here respects him.”

So does everyone at the UN and the Nobel Prize Committee.

As to weapons used in defense rather than for murder, Carter is noted as saying:

…he feels personally responsible that American weapons were used to fight in Gaza Strip last year, when Israeli Defense Forces entered the strip to stop the launch of rockets from there into Israel.

This is the same Gaza Strip Israel ceded to the “Palestinians,” and from which it expelled thousands of Israelis. It was designed to give the “Palestinians” a chance to demonstrate that they were capable of self-governance. We know how that has worked out.

Dhimmi did not acknowledge any personal angst about Iranian rockets supplied to Hamas, an axis of cutthroats he’s done more to encourage than he did for any American. He did not go so far as to say he wished he’d had a second term in which to dismantle America’s military so that he could now feel less “personally responsible” for assisting an allied democracy against fascist aggression.

It is to difficult understand why he takes this personally. It is impossible to tell if he would have felt better if Kalashnikovs, MiGs and Hinds had been substituted. Perhaps he is objecting, in principle, to the idea that Israel should defend itself. If so, the source of the weapons used against his beloved terrorists is only important in that it allows a Cartersneer™ at the country he used to lead, and is a form of one-upmanship in his undeclared Mea Culpa Americana contest with Obama.

Whatever his intent, Carter has at least helped Obama by staking out some territory farther to the anti-semitic left than Obama has yet assayed.

The only surprising aspect of this story is that it didn’t include Carter’s in absentia certification of the Iranian election.

On that topic, there are good links to more coverage of happenings in Iran here.