Rally for Hamas and Hezbollah

Kathryn Prater’s story, Group rallies at Capitol to raise awareness of Israeli occupation, in today’s Lansing State Journal:

A small group held banners Wednesday on the steps of the state Capitol, seeking to raise awareness about the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.

They gathered to mark 62 years since the occupation began, after Israel became an independent state in 1948. Palestinians commemorate the day, called al-Nakbah, on May 15 each year.

“People are suffering tremendously,” said Dearborn resident Sufian Nabhan, an American Muslims for Palestine board member. “Occupation is apartheid, occupation is segregation. Massacres are going on daily.”

Nabhan said that in the last decade, both his parents died from cancer because they could not get through Israeli blockades to reach a hospital in Jerusalem.

“We’re sending a message to our leaders in this country to stop supporting the occupation with military aid to Israel. We bear responsibility for what we pay for with our tax dollars,” Michigan Peace Team member Mike McCurdy said.

“We may be few, but we stand in solidarity with thousands around the world,” he said from the Capitol steps. “As long as this occupation continues, hate will be bred toward the United States.”

The fact that the LSJ uncritically uses the word “occupation” and names the land in dispute the “Palestinian territories” is proof that the LSJ accepts the argument that Israel should be destroyed. Surely, the LSJ is aware that there is some controversy over whether there is any occupation, and they should have used quotes around the term. But, the LSJ does not take this assertion as an opinion, they accept it as fact.

Dating the “occupation” to 1948 is even more telling. This is critical in supporting the “Right of Return” – demanded by the “Detroit Declaration” of which Sufian Nabhan is a signatory. The “Right of Return” is a demand that 5.5 million Arabs must be allowed to move inside Israel’s 1948 frontiers. Israel’s Jewish population is 3.9 million.

Mr. Nabhan is President of the Islamic Center of Detroit. He also is probably a liar about his parents’ deaths due to Israeli blockades. Might as well say his parents died because of Palestinian suicide bombers and failure to form a State, despite hundreds of millions in aid.

What the Hamas and Hezbollah supporters rallying on the steps of Michigan’s Capitol building mean to say is made clear in this video. One wonders when American Jews who vote for the leftists, and that’s most of them, will wake up.

First they came for the Israelis…


Mea Culpa Americana Contest

We have an answer to yesterday’s question about Dhimmi Carter’s whereabouts – he’s been meeting with Hamas – and another reason to despise them both: Carter to Obama: Remove Hamas From Terror List

…two Palestinian sources told FOX News that the group [Hamas] had discovered two roadside bombs planted near a crossing between Israel and Gaza on a path Carter’s convoy took to meet with the group’s leaders…

They (Hamas, not FOX News) do seem to be able to prevent violence given sufficient motivation:

“Nobody in Gaza will touch this man, [Carter]” Hamas adviser Ahmed Yousef said. “He is on a noble mission. Everyone here respects him.”

So does everyone at the UN and the Nobel Prize Committee.

As to weapons used in defense rather than for murder, Carter is noted as saying:

…he feels personally responsible that American weapons were used to fight in Gaza Strip last year, when Israeli Defense Forces entered the strip to stop the launch of rockets from there into Israel.

This is the same Gaza Strip Israel ceded to the “Palestinians,” and from which it expelled thousands of Israelis. It was designed to give the “Palestinians” a chance to demonstrate that they were capable of self-governance. We know how that has worked out.

Dhimmi did not acknowledge any personal angst about Iranian rockets supplied to Hamas, an axis of cutthroats he’s done more to encourage than he did for any American. He did not go so far as to say he wished he’d had a second term in which to dismantle America’s military so that he could now feel less “personally responsible” for assisting an allied democracy against fascist aggression.

It is to difficult understand why he takes this personally. It is impossible to tell if he would have felt better if Kalashnikovs, MiGs and Hinds had been substituted. Perhaps he is objecting, in principle, to the idea that Israel should defend itself. If so, the source of the weapons used against his beloved terrorists is only important in that it allows a Cartersneer™ at the country he used to lead, and is a form of one-upmanship in his undeclared Mea Culpa Americana contest with Obama.

Whatever his intent, Carter has at least helped Obama by staking out some territory farther to the anti-semitic left than Obama has yet assayed.

The only surprising aspect of this story is that it didn’t include Carter’s in absentia certification of the Iranian election.

On that topic, there are good links to more coverage of happenings in Iran here.

Canada shows some spine

Good for them!

Canada votes alone for Israel

Canada stood alone before a United Nations human rights council yesterday, the only one among 47 nations to oppose a motion condemning the Israeli military offensive in Gaza.

The vote before the Geneva-based body shows the Stephen Harper government has abandoned a more even-handed approach to the Middle East in favour of unalloyed support of Israel, according to some long-time observers.

Long-time observers… Translation: The Usual Suspects. Including the Toronto Star, who imply they agree with the “long-time observers” by leaving the obligatory “according to” to languish at the end of that sentence.

Jeremiah Wright’s favorite white Canadian

From Little Green Footballs: Al Jazeera’s Avi Lewis Pushes Antisemitic Conspiracies. There’s video.

Avi Lewis
is the son of Stephen Lewis, former head of the Ontario socialist party, and grandson of the former head of Canada’s socialist party, David Lewis. The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.

TOC last noticed Avi Lewis when Ayaan Hirsa Ali was making him look stupid on his Canadian Broadcarping Castration show in 2007. Here and here.

Didn’t know he’d gone to work for Al Jazeera, but it is not a surprise. Al Jazeera allows him to get as closely in touch with his natural inclinations and habitat as his courage permits.

Appropriate to learn of this, I guess, on the day we find out Dhimmi Carter is going to meet, in Syria, with the terrorist thugs of Hamas. But, then, Carter’s been a Hamas admirer for some time. He has that in common with Lewis.

Holy Land Foundation: Unindicted co-conspirator update

HLF Prosecution: CAIR “affiliated with” Hamas

On Tuesday, the prosecution in the trial of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) filed its motion in opposition to the amicus brief filed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

In addition to picking apart the arguments laid out in CAIR’s brief piece by piece, the government set an important precedent, officially and definitively linking CAIR to Hamas…

See also – Daniel Pipes wondering whether we have publicly funded unindicted co-conspirator training in the U.S.: Teach Arabic or Recruit Extremists?

…pre-collegiate Arabic-language instruction, even when taxpayer funded, tends to bring along indoctrination in pan-Arab nationalism, radical Islam, or both. Note some examples:

  • Amana Academy, Alpharetta, Georgia, near Atlanta: A charter school that requires Arabic-language learning, Amana boasts of its “institutional partnership” with the Arabic Language Institute Foundation (ALIF). But ALIF forwards the learning of Arabic as a means “to convey the message of Qur’an in North America and Europe” and thus to “help the Western countries recover from the present moral decay.”
  • Carver Elementary School, San Diego: A teacher, Mary-Frances Stephens, informed the school board that she taught a “segregated class” of Muslim girls and that each day she was required to release them from class for an hour of prayer, led by a Muslim teacher’s aide. Ms. Stephens deemed this arrangement “clearly a violation of administrative, legislative and judicial guidelines.” The school’s principal, Kimberlee Kidd, replied that the teacher’s aide merely prayed alongside the students and the session lasted only 15 minutes. The San Diego Unified School District investigated Ms. Stephens’s allegations and rejected them, but it nonetheless changed practices at Carver, implicitly substantiating her critique. Superintendent Carl Cohn eliminated single-gender classes and reconfigured the schedule so that students can pray during lunch.
  • Charlestown High School, Massachusetts: The school’s summer Arabic-language program took students on a trip to the Islamic Society of Boston, where, the Boston Globe reports, students “sat in a circle on the carpet and learned about Islam from two mosque members.” One student, Peberlyn Moreta, 16, fearing that the gold cross around her neck would offend the hosts, tucked it under her T-shirt. Anti-Zionism also appeared, with the showing of the 2002 film Divine Intervention, which a critic, Jordan Hiller, has termed an “irresponsible film,” “frighteningly dangerous,” and containing “pure hatred” toward Israel.
  • Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy, Inver Grove Heights, Minn.: Islamic Relief Worldwide, an organization that allegedly has links to jihadism and terrorism, sponsored this charter school, which requires Arabic as a second language. The academy’s name openly celebrates Islamic imperialism, as Tarek ibn Ziyad led Muslim troops in their conquest of Spain in 711 A.D. Local journalists report that “a visitor might well mistake Tarek ibn Ziyad [Academy] for an Islamic school” because of the women wearing hijabs, the carpeted prayer area, the school closing down for Islamic holidays, everyone keeping the Ramadan fast, the cafeteria serving halal food, classes breaking for prayer, almost all the children praying, and the constant use of “Brother” and “Sister” when adults at the school address each other.

Further – the Department of Justice working at cross purposes? MacFarquhar Strikes Again

… In his article, MacFarquhar [New York Times writer Neil MacFarquhar] not only gives a free pass to Islamists, but at the same time dismisses legitimate criticism of the Department of Justice’s presence at the conference (which seems especially inappropriate, and newsworthy, when it is considered that ISNA has been named as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the ongoing Hamas fundraising trial of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF)).

… Furthermore, the article is tantamount to a hit piece against Rep. Pete Hoekstra and Rep. Sue Myrick. MacFarquhar allows ISNA keynote speaker, Rep. Keith Ellison, to attack his colleagues for a letter they wrote challenging the DOJ’s decision to officially participate in the ISNA conference. According to the Times, Ellison characterized the letter as “ill informed and typical of bigoted attacks that other minorities have suffered.” Yet Hoekstra and Myrick never criticized Islam or minorities. Rather, they criticized ISNA as an organization, a particular Muslim Brotherhood front group with a long and documented history of support for terrorism. And this, of course, is the very reason ISNA ended up on the list of un-indicted co-conspirators in the HLF trial in the first place.

Political correctness appears to have infected the DOJ. Maybe this is why.

Council on American-Islamic Relations – Un-unindicted un-co-conspirators?

Apparently the Council on American-Islamic Relations, CAIR, is unhappy about their billing as unindicted co-conspirators in United States versus Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (an alleged Hamas front/terrorist money-launderer). CAIR’s fund raising, recruiting and retention are down, so they’ve conspired to petition the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas to remove them from the co-conspiracy list, complaining they are being disparaged because they appear on it:

…the list of unindicted coconspirators has spread and gained notoriety through non-mainstream media, as well, including various ‘anti-terrorism’ weblogs. These weblogs are often extremely biased and inaccurate in their reporting, leading to even more severe damage to the reputation of the unindicted coconspirators.

The Counterterrorism Blog is mentioned specifically in this brief. I admit to some disappointment that The Other Club was not also mentioned, since we’ve certainly been critical of CAIR on many occasions. For example, CAIR’s instigation and promotion of the “flying imams” lawsuit, and attempts to censor commentary on it, are based on a sharia flawed interpretation of the First Amendment.

In any case, this link provides access to CAIR’s amicus curiae brief and to some of the commentary they would prefer did not exist. You decide.

If this post generates enough traffic, maybe CAIR will mention TOC the next time they ask a court for censorship.

Update: 19-Aug-2007 11:50AM from Counterterroism Blog – CAIR’s Legal Gambit (and another Graph):

The move by CAIR and several other prominent Muslim organizations to have themselves de-listed as un-indicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation trials is an interesting, albeit unprecedented, legal maneuver that – if successful – would have a profound impact on the HLF trial and criminal justice in the United States.

Read the rest here.

Ex-president – by the Grace of God

I called it Legacy of the Dhimmi when I asked the rhetorical question, “Who ‘lost’ Iran?”

The answer, of course, is Dhimmi Carter. The Jerusalem Post makes the same point by noting that the Dhimmer is Father of the Iranian revolution:

…Let’s look at the results of Carter’s misguided liberal policies: the Islamic Revolution in Iran; the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (Carter’s response was to boycott the 1980 Moscow Olympics); the birth of Osama bin Laden’s terrorist organization; the Iran-Iraq War, which cost the lives of millions dead and wounded; and yes, the present war on terrorism and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

…Carter pressured the shah to make what he termed human rights concessions by releasing political prisoners and relaxing press censorship. Khomeini could never have succeeded without Carter. The Islamic Revolution would have been stillborn.

Gen. Robert Huyser, Carter’s military liaison to Iran, once told me in tears: “The president could have publicly condemned Khomeini and even kidnapped him and then bartered for an exchange with the [American Embassy] hostages, but the president was indignant. ‘One cannot do that to a holy man,’ he said.”

Investor’s Business Daily has some thoughts on Dhimmi’s most recent perfidy, Carter’s Nutzpah. They begin with another rhetorical question:

Has Jimmy Carter gone off the deep end? He’s now scolding the West for refusing to bankroll Hamas terrorists who’ve just seized power at gunpoint in Gaza. It’s a new low in coddling terrorism.

As the Gaza Strip flamed into Hamas gang warfare and the West Bank slid into another civil war, Carter — cozy in distant Ireland accepting another “human rights” award — found cause Tuesday to blame America first for all the violence.

Amid wine, cheese and good feeling, America’s worst ex-president drew a bead on the West. The refusal by the U.S., Israel and the EU to support Hamas, an armed terror group that just launched a coup d’etat and civil war in full view of the world, was nothing but a “criminal” act at the root of the trouble there, Carter asserted.

“The United States and Israel decided to punish all the people in Palestine and did everything they could to deter a compromise between Hamas and Fatah,” he said.

The statement was so malevolent and illogical as to border on insane. Carter wasn’t honest enough to say he was rooting for terrorists who started a terrifying new war in the region and trashed what little democratic rule the Palestinians had. Instead, he tut-tutted the West for being insufficiently sensitive to the fact that Hamas thugs were democratically elected in 2006 in an “orderly and fair” vote.

With his persistent delusional relativism, Jimmy Carter has done far more to promote amorality than anyone since Lenin. People will say, “His intent is good.” So what? We see that all the difference that makes is to compound the power of evil in the supposed service of moral principle. A congenital inability to comprehend the nature and existence of evil may get you a Nobel Prize, but it does not make you a Saint. Rather, you become evil yourself by giving to it aid and comfort when you could have opposed it. There’s a special place in Hell.

If you doubt Carter is unhinged, please explain how he can commend murderers, without recognizing the elephant-in-the-room irony.

…Carter said Hamas, besides winning a fair and democratic mandate that should have entitled it to lead the Palestinian government, had proven itself to be far more organized in its political and military showdowns with the Fatah movement of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Hitler was also far “more organized,” politically, and more efficient, militarily, than his opposition. He became Führer in a democratic process, after eventually receiving about 40% of the popular vote – like Hamas. Upon assuming the Presidency, he immediately abolished the office along with the democracy. Sort of what Hamas just did – only they did it with more up-front general violence.

Paul von Hindenburg, the Presidential incumbent and winner of the 1932 Weimar Republic election (its last), helped make Hitler’s reign of terror possible. Hindenburg agreed to appoint Hitler as Chancellor of Germany in 1933, and Hitler assumed the Presidency upon Hindenburg’s death in 1934.

Hitler’s first act was to eliminate the office of the President, replacing it with the Führer und Reichskanzler. AKA, Nazi totalitarianism. What followed was a larger, even “more organized” version of Hamas’ recent successes in Gaza and Lebanon. Hamas is still in the planning stages for Israel’s destruction, but to cement the German parallel, Hamas has sworn to exterminate the Jews. Neither Hitler, nor Hamas, ever showed any sign they could be dissuaded from such genocidal intent. Dhimmi Carter is not interested in the attempt.

We can see a parallel to Hitler’s ascension to power, but completing the analogy is more difficult, because it is not clear whether Carter should be assigned the role of Paul von Hindenberg, Vidkun Quisling, Lord Haw Haw, or Jane Fonda. Perhaps a combination.

Neville Chamberlain is excluded from such consideration because he was a far better man than Jimmy Carter will ever be.