China Syndrome

Think again, sweetie. The UK is running out of coal. UK Readying New Law Mandating Home EV Chargers Be Shut Down During Peak Hours Turns out the China Syndrome is coal fired power plants, not the nuclear plant meltdown the Greens told us it was. #Greenfail."In 2019, 58 percent of the country's total energy consumption… Continue reading China Syndrome

The Happerning

Hillsdale College - National Leadership Symposium. Address by William Happer, Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics, Emeritus - Princeton How to Think About Climate Change 56 minutes (1.25 speed works) That link is to Watt’s Up With That? because the YouTube version has a “Climate Change” “fact check” disclaimer from WikiTedia appended, and I cannot… Continue reading The Happerning

Give us $, or the trees get it!

The Massachusetts Audubon Society runs a scam popularized by National Lampoon in 1973.The Massachusetts Audubon Society has long managed its land in western Massachusetts as crucial wildlife habitat... But in 2015, the conservation nonprofit presented California's top climate regulator with a startling scenario: It could heavily log 9,700 acres of its preserved forests over the… Continue reading Give us $, or the trees get it!

Remember the power flow?

It's downstream from Washington. Yesterday, I wrote of Texas power woes:Central planners knew reserve dispatchable (on demand) electricity provision was a weakness for renewables’ case, even as renewables raise the importance of dispatchable power. If planners wanted more renewable energy they had to raise electricity prices to fund building the standby generators and securing the… Continue reading Remember the power flow?

‘Climate’ policy ignores weather at its peril

In rain and wind and sleet and snow, the power is out in your bungalow. Excellent analysis. RTWT. Assigning Blame for the Blackouts in Texas | Climate Etc."Extreme cold should be expected to cause significant outages of both renewable and fossil fuel based resources. Why would anyone expect that sufficient amounts of natural gas would… Continue reading ‘Climate’ policy ignores weather at its peril

Calinferno – Anthropogenic Regional Malfeasance

I don't want an argument about irrelevancies, so let's stipulate that warming of the earth is a factor in California's infernos. For our purposes here, it's irrelevant. Whether it's anthropogenic or not, California doesn't control it. What they could control, they leave to chance. Claims that wildfires started by lightning can be ameliorated today in… Continue reading Calinferno – Anthropogenic Regional Malfeasance

We have always been at war with Thunbergia

For the people who read Orwell as an instruction manual it is not merely a question of whether 2+2=5, or whether “freedom is slavery,” or "silence is violence," or memory holing contrarian commentary about BLM, or Trans activism, or Feminism, or the CCP virus - climate alarmism must also be made safe from debate. On… Continue reading We have always been at war with Thunbergia