Citizens for Enervating Michigan’s Economy II

There are a few lobbyists styling themselves "Citizens for Energizing Michigan's Economy" who are hammering the radio with political ads criticizing legislators who support expanding energy choice. CEME is, in fact, dependent for funding upon Detroit Edison and Consumers Energy. These guys have been around for awhile, so their pedigree is clear:Touting A 'Looming Energy… Continue reading Citizens for Enervating Michigan’s Economy II

"Advanced Default and Battery Capital of North America"

Here is a local #Greenfail noted by the Mackinac Center. Our former Governor's big bet on big batteries didn't work out: A123 Systems stock is trading at $0.82, down from $26.00. Click the link above at #Greenfail if you are not familiar with this corporatist morality tale. And, click the link below: This is not… Continue reading "Advanced Default and Battery Capital of North America"

The ‘greening’ of the IPCC

Defund the IPCC NowIt turns out that the GAO, the US General Accounting Office, says US has been secretly hiding their funding of the IPCC for the last decade...In other words, the IPCC funding arrangements are of a piece with their “scientific” claims and their other actions—secretive, shabby, with a hidden agenda, and full of… Continue reading The ‘greening’ of the IPCC

…[W]hat they imagine they can design.

Russell Roberts is Professor of Economics at George Mason University and the J. Fish and Lillian F. Smith Distinguished Scholar at the Mercatus Center, and a research fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution.:“The purpose of economics is to teach men how little they actually know about what they imagine they can design.”-F. A. HayekThis lesson… Continue reading …[W]hat they imagine they can design.

The Fifth

I often assume "Most people already know this, it's been widely mentioned. Don't bother to repost it." Often, I am wrong. In this case if only one more person learns about it, that will be important.Therefore, I'm posting this for whatever wider distribution that may achieve: Copyright 2005-2019