The Happerning

Hillsdale College - National Leadership Symposium. Address by William Happer, Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics, Emeritus - Princeton How to Think About Climate Change 56 minutes (1.25 speed works) That link is to Watt’s Up With That? because the YouTube version has a “Climate Change” “fact check” disclaimer from WikiTedia appended, and I cannot… Continue reading The Happerning

Your job not to panic. Don't do it... for the children. The Extinction Rebellion death cult and the Green Ordeal climate-doom-mongers are attempting to instill existential fear in your children in order to influence you. And they aren't above abusing vulnerable children like Greta Thunberg. Here's a non-hysterical look at what we know. And what we… Continue reading Your job

Properly skeptical?

In a post describing social media propaganda techniques Corey Doctorow says the following:"We’re not living through a crisis about what is true, we’re living through a crisis about how we know whether something is true. We’re not disagreeing about facts, we’re disagreeing about epistemology. The “establishment” version of epistemology is, “We use evidence to arrive… Continue reading Properly skeptical?

Not so much

From Nature: How much can forests fight climate change? Jason Funk, quoted below, is talking about planting trees to reduce Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming. First, he assumes CAGW (emphasis on catastrophic and anthropogenic) as a clear and present danger. The data on that may be debatable, but everybody knows more trees will help reduce global… Continue reading Not so much

Funding the immanentization of CAGW

I’m not sure when we accepted the idea that government funding is non-ideological, even apolitical. But, today, when an idea is discredited because of its funding source it’s almost always the evil corporation(s) said to be at fault. It’s the Koch brothers or George Soros taking the heat. When government funds something that proves to… Continue reading Funding the immanentization of CAGW

Nuking Consumers Energy

I offered my support to Consumers Energy if they would get on with building nuclear plants and get rid of windmills. This is the most obvious way to rapidly reduce CO2 emissions. Those afraid of "climate change" should be all in. Warm mongers who oppose nuclear power simply aren't serious about CO2 reduction.But don't take… Continue reading Nuking Consumers Energy