Clueless or condescending?

So. The New York Times published and then promptly removed this insight into the President's television viewing habits: Mr. Obama indicated that he did not see enough cable television to fully appreciate the anxiety after the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, and made clear that he plans to step up his public arguments.There are… Continue reading Clueless or condescending?

Calmly outraging the outragers

Ben Carson’s Response to PC Outrage Is Smarter than Trump’sBen Carson’s Progressive Critics Are Terrified Of Answering This QuestionOne of the things Carson said that twisted some knickers isn’t mentioned in the above:Ben Carson Upsets Mainstream Media: Openly Questions Fiat MoneyAnd, if you’ve got 5 minutes, this:“Francisco’s Money Speech” a worthy followup to the 3rd… Continue reading Calmly outraging the outragers

“The images were not intended to portray Sen. Cruz in a negative light”

No, they were intended to suggest he should be shot in the head for speaking in favor of the Second Amendment. Or, if he was shot in the head, it would at least be deserved.For Progressives, this:Proved Sarah Palin was a deranged would be assassin.While this:Photo (by Charlie Neibergall) proves the Associated Press is an… Continue reading “The images were not intended to portray Sen. Cruz in a negative light”

Celebrating "Stimulus"

Today is the 5th anniversary of the President's monetary stimulus, but at TOC we're celebrating the only Obama stimulus that actually worked. It created jobs, boosted private sector manufacturing and encouraged people to appreciate the Bill of Rights. Of course, none of that was intentional.It's tapering now, but the results are still far above pre-stimulus… Continue reading Celebrating "Stimulus"

Ammo shortages & DHS

People have been noticing the large ammunition contract let by DHS. Shortages of ammo for use by private citizens are rampant.DHS Won't Answer Congress On Billion Bullet PurchaseWhatever the DHS plans are, this quote from the above is just silly:...[Former] Marine Richard Mason told reporters with WHPTV News in Pennsylvania recently, hollow-point bullets (which make… Continue reading Ammo shortages & DHS


A Washington Post editorial today begins with the sentence, "ONE UNSETTLING result of the debate over gun violence has been a spike in firearm purchases."Actually: One predictable result of government threats to force gun owners to buy special liability insurance, place confiscatory taxes on ammunition, ban firearms because of their appearance and limit the sale… Continue reading Duh