The blockheadchain

You may wonder why the Democrats are so worried about increasing the debt ceiling since they need no GOP votes to do it. Are they embarrassed about their insistence that spending $3.5 trillion is costless? Who knows? The Dems do have a Plan B. There are some ifs: If mining and refining an ounce of… Continue reading The blockheadchain

Trump head fakes a veto

...decides swamp is a wetland.Trump is signing an insane anti-budget delivered to him by a Congress of Fools. Economically unhinged. Justified as funding the military, but an existential threat to the country.$500 million for Planned Parenthood. NICS checks to be changed to keep some Seniors from owning guns. Continued funding of sanctuary cities. 25% of… Continue reading Trump head fakes a veto

Protection racket

I don't remember where I found the link to the ThinkProgress post entitled Republicans Reject Obamacare ‘Fix’ Because It Includes Too Many Consumer Protections, and I am certainly not going to risk sending them any traffic by providing it here. Still, the hypocrisy should be noted for its humor. The post castigates House Republicans for… Continue reading Protection racket

The #SeekRenters

The sequester debate isn't about spending cuts, it's about a tiny slowing in the rate of increase of funds transferred to Federal rent seekers. Noted in the Wall Street Journal: The Unscary Sequester In Mr. Obama's first two years, while private businesses and households were spending less and deleveraging, federal domestic discretionary spending soared by… Continue reading The #SeekRenters

Creative Accounting

Reuters reports "U.S. posts $3 billion budget surplus for January". They fail to note that from December through January US debt rose by $137 billion.This "surplus" is as if you counted a $500 per month raise as extra cash, while calling the $20,000 you borrowed and spend at the race track "long term debt."Copyright 2005-2019

The Clown the Cop and the Clown

New York Times blogger Timothy Egan, in a post titled The Clown and the Cop, attempts to demonstrate why “Tea Party” types are ignoramuses whose priorities are fatally skewed because of addiction to FOX News. Instead, he demonstrates over-immersion in the Statist echo chamber, and reveals a general allergy to principle.The first Clowns of the… Continue reading The Clown the Cop and the Clown

Analysis of our president’s address to a Joint Session of Congress

Anyone who opposes me... blah, blah... Democrat applause line... blah, blah... is a foolish, anti-American, baby eating Republican... blah, blah... applause line no one could disagree with if they believed he meant it... blah, blah... Democrat applause line... who deserves to be tarred and feathered because he hates teachers, old people and bridges... blah, blah...… Continue reading Analysis of our president’s address to a Joint Session of Congress