Stop spending. Stop Spending! STOP SPENDING!

The AP reported yesterday that the deal between the President and the GOP to maintain a taxation status quo is being modified to include load of pork. The pork is designed to bring reluctant Democrats on board. Why? Let them vote no. Let them raise taxes; Just Stop Them From Spending. The $5 billion dollar… Continue reading Stop spending. Stop Spending! STOP SPENDING!

By their earmarks, ye shall know them – redux

This post is recycled with minor changes from November of 2007, it seems even more appropriate now.There are 535 elected members of the federal legislative branch. This is far too many to keep track of from memory. Who would actually recognize Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) if they bumped into him at Wal-Mart? And even if… Continue reading By their earmarks, ye shall know them – redux

Jeff Flake is fighting against Earmarks

I have advised those who read this blog to send money to The Club for Growth rather than the Republican National Committee to ensure that RINOs like Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe (who does not even have any earmarks in the Omnibus Spending Bill, but will vote for it out of Porkulus Principle anyway), Susan Collins,… Continue reading Jeff Flake is fighting against Earmarks

Big words, big lies

Last night, the President told us there are no earmarks in the stimulus bill. Technically this is true, since an earmark is defined as some spending added to a bill not connected to the original purpose of the bill. In the case of the stimulus bill, however, this means merely that there is no expenditure… Continue reading Big words, big lies

Fire Congress

It wouldn't be quite so galling if they could at least acknowledge it was their social engineering that cost a trillion dollars - and rising - did severe economic damage to the very people they intended to help and has screwed everybody except their corporatist buddies. Instead, Barney Frank promises to do a better job… Continue reading Fire Congress

Corporatis Blatantensis

Subspecies: Congressionalus AutocharitusTOC provided a definition of corporatism here.Democracy Project points out another a fine example. RTWT for several links and excerpts from the WaPo story.Both through shoddy products and overpriced ones that may nudge out more valuable defense spending, earmarks place our troops and our national security at risk....Today’s Washington Post runs a front-pager… Continue reading Corporatis Blatantensis