Sen. Elizabeth Warren's recent rant about lobbyists in the Trump transition team (just before they were all sent packing) brings me once again to editor David Rotman's MIT Technology Review article Capitalism Behaving Badly. Specifically this:[W]e should admit that markets are created and shaped by government policies, including government support of innovation.If we are to… Continue reading Lobbyists

Cognitive Dissonance

Our Democrat leaders in Washington passed a bill last week that they didn't much like. The passage of this bill increased government tax receipts by about $30 million a day, and 'saved or created' 70,000 construction jobs along with 4,000 federal jobs. Since the Dems claim to be about 'revenue enhancement' and government 'job creation,'… Continue reading Cognitive Dissonance

It’s the moral hazard, stupid!

How budget battles go without the earmarks...[T]he absence of earmarks also allowed for a more freewheeling debate on the House floor during consideration of the Republican plan to slash $61 billion from this year's budget since Democrats and Republicans were not caught up in protecting the special provisions they had worked so hard to tuck… Continue reading It’s the moral hazard, stupid!

Find the porker

A list of Senators in descending order of earmark requests in the $trillon omnibus spending bill: The Omnibus ArrivesIf your Senator appears, make a note of the name and then look up when they next stand for election. Start campaigning against them now, whenever that may be.Copyright 2005-2019

Only Congressional Republicans contemplate compromise

Why?Regarding the potential temporary failure to prevent a tax increase: Tax deal: purists vs. dealmakersMe, I'm a purist until they can demonstrate they aren't making corrupt, sleazy deals. Which means never. Isn't that the point of the recent election? So. No pork because of The Dems' Crackup The Democrats don't want any compromise, so let's… Continue reading Only Congressional Republicans contemplate compromise

Stop spending. Stop Spending! STOP SPENDING!

The AP reported yesterday that the deal between the President and the GOP to maintain a taxation status quo is being modified to include load of pork. The pork is designed to bring reluctant Democrats on board. Why? Let them vote no. Let them raise taxes; Just Stop Them From Spending. The $5 billion dollar… Continue reading Stop spending. Stop Spending! STOP SPENDING!

By their earmarks, ye shall know them – redux

This post is recycled with minor changes from November of 2007, it seems even more appropriate now.There are 535 elected members of the federal legislative branch. This is far too many to keep track of from memory. Who would actually recognize Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) if they bumped into him at Wal-Mart? And even if… Continue reading By their earmarks, ye shall know them – redux

Jeff Flake is fighting against Earmarks

I have advised those who read this blog to send money to The Club for Growth rather than the Republican National Committee to ensure that RINOs like Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe (who does not even have any earmarks in the Omnibus Spending Bill, but will vote for it out of Porkulus Principle anyway), Susan Collins,… Continue reading Jeff Flake is fighting against Earmarks