The wages of appeasement, the fruits of hypocrisy

What Did You Say About Muhammad?!RTWT, here's a sample:...the West has perpetuated a vicious cycle wherein Muslim sensitivities are ever heightened and outraged at the slightest slight, and Western freedoms of expression are correspondingly diminished and trampled upon......if you voluntarily act like a dhimmi — a subjugated non-Muslim who must live in debased humility —… Continue reading The wages of appeasement, the fruits of hypocrisy

Mea Culpa Americana Contest

We have an answer to yesterday's question about Dhimmi Carter's whereabouts - he's been meeting with Hamas - and another reason to despise them both: Carter to Obama: Remove Hamas From Terror List ...two Palestinian sources told FOX News that the group [Hamas] had discovered two roadside bombs planted near a crossing between Israel and… Continue reading Mea Culpa Americana Contest

Mr. Malaise

... goes optimistic.Now that President Obama is setting new standards for depressing confidence in the economy and priming the inflation pump to a degree unprecedented, Dhimmi Carter goes all positive on us:”There is no comparison to the Great Depression and where we are now,” he said. “The Great Depression was much more severe. Right now,… Continue reading Mr. Malaise

Ex-president – by the Grace of God

I called it Legacy of the Dhimmi when I asked the rhetorical question, "Who 'lost' Iran?"The answer, of course, is Dhimmi Carter. The Jerusalem Post makes the same point by noting that the Dhimmer is Father of the Iranian revolution:...Let's look at the results of Carter's misguided liberal policies: the Islamic Revolution in Iran; the… Continue reading Ex-president – by the Grace of God

Legacy of the Dhimmi

Why is the general population in Iran of a far more moderate mind than those in the rest of the region? The Captain's Quarters notes:Iran Nearing The Tipping Point?...The Iranian people as a whole are a lot more cosmopolitan than the provincial clerics that act as dictators over them. Until recently, the creation of an… Continue reading Legacy of the Dhimmi

From laughingstock to pariah

Even assuming it to be true of the United States, the latter of which is Dhimmi Carter's view, I'll take the latter thank you. It is certainly true of Carter. Christopher Hitchens skewers Dhimmi Carter.   Peanut Envy The latest absurdities to emerge from Jimmy Carter's big, smug mouth. By Christopher Hitchens Posted Monday, May… Continue reading From laughingstock to pariah