Public/Pirate partnerships

Friday, I noted Michigan's private marketing bureau rip-off. It just gets worse. Michigan Senate Bill 97. Emphasis mine: To give state and local government agencies the power to enter into joint operating arrangements with a particular business for purposes of building a hospital or transportation facilities. The private operator would benefit from tax exemptions and… Continue reading Public/Pirate partnerships

Rent Seekers

Bills Make It Easier For Private Marketing Bureaus To Force Dues on BusinessesThis regulatory statist, public/pirate partnership should cease. The parallels (rent-seeking and arbitrary, bureaucratic consumer punishment) to Trump’s trade war impulses are educational opportunities for the economically ignorant.Update 01/13/17:It occurs to me to ask how this is different from the SEIU dues-skimming travesty?Copyright 2005-2019

Art of the Steal

Worth a read: The Art of the (Trade) Deal, according to the Trump administrationA nice exploration of the practical effects of TrumpTrade. The concluding paragraph: In sum, the art of the trade deal according to the Trump administration teaches us that Americans win when the dollars in our pockets buy less in global markets; when… Continue reading Art of the Steal

Econ 001

If you read the brief articles below, you'll have a better understanding of the obstacles the President elect faces in implementing his economic agenda, and you'll understand the damage much of that agenda will do.Reason Magazine:A Stronger Economy Will Also Destroy Jobs, but It’s NecessaryLuddites need not apply.The Brookings Institution:Global economic forces conspire to stymie… Continue reading Econ 001

Response to solicitation of funds

Mr. Trump,Please remove me from any and all lists associated with your campaign. I will not contribute to your campaign, nor to any group associated with you: Including the political party formerly known as the GOP.If you need money, please ask those “small donors” to whom you are already beholden. Sheldon Adelson, for example. As… Continue reading Response to solicitation of funds

YOU are a Trump donor

Donald Trump makes a big deal out of using his own money to finance his campaign. He mentioned it again last night when he was booed for insulting the audience:Trump said he was self-funding his campaign, so Republican donors weren't a fan of his candidacy."The reason they're not loving me is I don't want their… Continue reading YOU are a Trump donor