Sinophilia Syndrome

"In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity." -Sun Tzu These days, using the word "virus" preceded by "Wuhan" or "Chinese" will get you banned from Twitter or Facebook, dissed on MSNBCCNNCBSNBCABCRT, pilloried by the authors of the 1619 Project, and their newsprint co-conspirators, and denounced by the Chinese Communist Party. This is not… Continue reading Sinophilia Syndrome

Chinese capitalism

This phrase keeps showing up in one form or another in comments defending the Chinese Communist Party's handling of their virus. Example oneIt is also worth noting that China is at least as capitalistic as the United States and their technology is quickly eclipsing ours... The health system in China is actually a pure capitalist… Continue reading Chinese capitalism

Trans Exclusionary Radical Virus?

Speculation on TERV Wars from the UK Daily Mail: Doctors claim new Coronavirus 'may cause damage to a man's TESTICLES' I'd guess it's click-bait, so no link. The only reason I mention it is to ask this biology question: "Does coronavirus know that "Trans women are women?" I think not. Update: 3:02PM Despite early reports,… Continue reading Trans Exclusionary Radical Virus?