Your job not to panic. Don't do it... for the children. The Extinction Rebellion death cult and the Green Ordeal climate-doom-mongers are attempting to instill existential fear in your children in order to influence you. And they aren't above abusing vulnerable children like Greta Thunberg. Here's a non-hysterical look at what we know. And what we… Continue reading Your job

Properly skeptical?

In a post describing social media propaganda techniques Corey Doctorow says the following:"We’re not living through a crisis about what is true, we’re living through a crisis about how we know whether something is true. We’re not disagreeing about facts, we’re disagreeing about epistemology. The “establishment” version of epistemology is, “We use evidence to arrive… Continue reading Properly skeptical?

The human pestilence problem

I had a note from a reader wondering if I wasn't being hyperbolic in my contention that by "sustainability" "Green" fanatics intentionally mean to impose lower standards of living and a forced reduction in human population. We might consider the Malthusian miscalculations of Paul Ehrlich's 1968 book The Population Bomb and his proposals for forced… Continue reading The human pestilence problem

Some environmental news

In case you missed these.Wind turbines are neither clean nor green and they provide zero global energySupporting wind power is virtue signaling, but it should be called virtue noise.The real strike price of offshore windIf you oppose nuclear power, you don't care about the planet.Climate scientists admit they were wrong on climate change effectsThank you,… Continue reading Some environmental news

The sky continues to fall

World has three years to prevent dangerous climate change, warn experts— Chicken LittleWhat would we do without experts? Doom predictions on the first Earth Day in 1970:“Civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind.” — George Wald, Harvard Biologist“It is already too late to avoid mass… Continue reading The sky continues to fall

The Vegetarian Mandate

On October 31st I wrote: It’s so simple, just find a big 'social problem' with dozens, or hundreds, of different causes and impose a single 2,000 page solution. I don’t know why we didn’t think of this approach to solve the obesity epidemic. We’ll just put nutrition labels on candy machines, ban soft drinks over… Continue reading The Vegetarian Mandate

Dark side of the Moonbeam

California Governor Jerry Brown: Never underestimate the coercive power of the central state in the service of good.Or evil, Governor Brown, you oh so Superior Man.Meanwhile, California Climate Policies Chilling Housing Growth.And, Can California Be Saved? I know which way I'd bet.Copyright 2005-2019

The climate for free speech

Last Tuesday Mark Steyn appeared before Senator Ted Cruz's sub-committee on Space, Science and Competitiveness. The topic was climate change. Steyn's observations are well worth your time to read, and don't neglect the videos. I particularly enjoyed watching Senator Ed "Marquis" Markey being reminded he isn't, in fact, nobility. While you are at Steyn's site,… Continue reading The climate for free speech