Hacking the easy things first

There are suggestions by the CIA that Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee and John Podesta's email for the purpose of helping Trump win the election. The FBI disagrees. The CIA also apparently claims the Republican National Committee was hacked, but the Russians deliberately withheld release of any information gathered by that hack.Reince Priebus denies… Continue reading Hacking the easy things first

Congratulations, Mr. President

Well done!!And THANK YOU to the SEALs who carried this raid out. I hope we will find out more about the sources of the intelligence that led to Osama's execution, and whether Pakistan cooperated. Rumor has it that the intelligence resulted from "enhanced interrogation," and the deceased was living just 50 miles from Islamabad: In… Continue reading Congratulations, Mr. President

Leon Panetta?

The appointment of Leon Panetta to head the Central Intelligence Agency appears to be a sop to the MoveOn/Code Pink/Bill Ayers/AmeriKKKa segment of Obama's base. Ostensibly because he is a good far-leftwing bureaucrat, Panetta can be depended upon to end any aggressive interrogation techniques, such as waterboarding; to stop the extraordinary rendition program, so maligned… Continue reading Leon Panetta?

Dispensing with Justice

Bill Clinton lies under oath to Federal authorities about sex between consenting adults. He's impeached for this perjury, but not convicted.Clinton advisor Sandy Berger steals and destroys top secret national security documents under subpoena by a Senate Committee, and then lies about the crime under oath to Federal authorities.Cheny advisor Scooter Libby is convicted of… Continue reading Dispensing with Justice

Un-Levin’d Thread

Here is a comprehensive look at the topic of Dan Mulhern's anti-interview with Senator Carl Levin yesterday on WJIM.This is a long post, as I am going to try and collect in one place the key documents and links a reader will need to understand that the [sic] another in the many attempts to rewrite… Continue reading Un-Levin’d Thread