Masque of the Red Death II

The Federalist:
China Is Lashing Out Because Wuhan Flu Has Unmasked It To The World

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Unpacking China’s Viral Propaganda War

Wall Street Journal:
China’s Count Excluded Infected People With No Symptoms

China said more than 1,500 people who were infected with the coronavirus but haven’t shown symptoms weren’t included in its tally of confirmed cases.

That Wall Street Journal number of 1,500 is odd since the South China Morning Post is reporting:

Classified government data seen by the Post showed more than 43,000 people in China had tested positive for Covid-19 by the end of February but had no immediate symptoms. They were quarantined but not included in the official tally of confirmed cases.

One wonders why “infected with” and “tested positive” do not equate with “confirmed” in Mandarin. And whether the rest of the world might have been interested in that information a little earlier.

Elsewhere in that SCMP article, Lu Jinxing, party secretary of China’s National Institute for Communicable Disease Control and Prevention, is quoted:

A top Chinese health official sought to allay growing fears over asymptomatic coronavirus carriers on Monday, saying there was “no evidence” they could spread the illness…

Lu told the state broadcaster: “We have observed a great number of asymptomatic cases and found that people had a relatively long duration of viral shedding,” referring to the rate at which an infected person “sheds” the virus.

“In terms of whether they are infectious, we have not done detailed studies so far,” Lu said.

There is “”no evidence” asymptomatic carriers” with “a relatively long duration of viral shedding” are contagious? Well, yes, you won’t find evidence you haven’t looked for.

Someone should remind Mr. Lu that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Then again, there is evidence:

Public fears were heightened on Sunday after officials disclosed the case of a 59-year-old woman in Henan province who contracted Covid-19 after she had contact with a doctor who was an asymptomatic carrier.

Maybe the WSJ is wrong about the 1,500. Maybe the SCMP is wrong about 43,000. Maybe all but 1,500 of those 43,000 later became symptomatic. Maybe that woman was infected by someone other than the asymptomatic doctor, and the Chinese surveillance system missed the contact. Maybe word of that transmission hadn’t reached the party secretary.

Maybe the party secretary is lying.


Gretchen Witless (my nickname for Michigan’s Governor predates, and is better than Trump’s “half Whitmer”) is threatening to lift the licenses of doctors and pharmacists over prescriptions of chloroquine.

She wants to prevent hoarding, so she makes sure no CCP virus patient can get it.

She implies doctors are making sure their families have it. Well, they certainly should.

The doctors are hoarding? I bet there are some unethical doctors of which this is true. I bet two other things:

For the vast majority of docs –
1) If they are prescribing it off label, it isn’t so the general public can add it to their toilet paper storage facility.

2) If they are doing it for their families and other health care workers at extreme exposure risk, isn’t that just like donating some N95 masks? Who more needs the drug than those exposed to CCP virus in the trenches?

Here’s a situation where that might matter…

Our small city has no centralized site for COVID testing. As such, any feeling need to be tested, have to drive to the larger center of Edmonton to get in line at a drive through testing site. Out nurses out here have met and are discussion setting up a testing site here and are looking for volunteer Dr’s to lead. I was asked. Here it is. One of those moments. I’m 59 and have a 40’s wife a 13 y old and 10 y old son and an 89 year old (sure to die if he gets the virus) father in law living with us on oxygen and home care. I want to do the right thing and need to make a decision. “Decision” from the latin root scisserae. Meaning to cut. “Decision” to cut away all things blocking one from the truth and the answer is there to see. Gonna sleep on it. I did a parking lot nasal swab on one of my patients just an hour ago, and looking at her, she was unwell and a high likelihood positive. But doing it 20?30?50 times in a day? Not sure if I want to take the risk. I know if I was a 59 year old bachelor, I would.

For God sake Gretchen. What you should have done is placed an order for Michigan to stockpile it.

Update, 03/31/20 12:30PM,
Another example from a friend:

I have talked about my daughter, ____, from time to time. She made an interesting comment the other day, about her role as a nurse practitioner, in an emergency room setting. Her concern was not about her own participation in serving patients, but she is very concerned about returning back to the house. When we talked, she still was not comfortable with the data on how it spreads, and what she may be carrying back to her family. Her pattern is entering through the “laundry room entrance”, disrobing there with her clothes going directly to the washing machine, putting on fresh garments, and then entering the house. She returns to disinfect everything she might have touched in the process, and then goes on. And her concern is, is this enough? I could tell from her voice that this unresolved question was creating stress.

I think there’s an argument here for prophylactic use.

From Michigan Capitol Confidential:
March 27 – Michigan Licensing Bureau Vs. Dr. Fauci On Off-Label Coronavirus Treatment
March 31 – Feds Permit Malaria Drugs For Coronavirus Patients, State Has Not Rescinded Threat Of Sanctions

The Masque of the Red Death

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The CCP hides their totalitarianism behind a “state capitalism” mask.

Market Leninism is more like it.

Making the obvious virtuous

Businesses controlled by “any major figure in government” will be prohibited from receiving loans or investments from Treasury Department programs included in a $2 trillion CCP virus relief plan.

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) proudly stressed to CNN that the provision applies to “[A]ny major figure in government. That makes sense,” he said, “Those of us who write the law shouldn’t benefit from the law.”

Well, yes. That’s so obvious you might think it needn’t be said. But, if it makes sense for these benefits for this law, why doesn’t it make sense for all laws?

So, let me fix that for you, Chuck: “Those of us who tried to stuff it full of social justice, climate hysteria, and payoffs to our friends wrote this law shouldn’t benefit from this law.” Since you all benefit from THE law – all the other legislation you pass – you’ve merely made an exception this time. There apparently are limits to how obvious special treatment for major figures in government can be.

Do I hear a protest? Sorry, but you routinely exempt yourselves from the laws you make the the rest of us follow, like the Obamacare mandates, FOIA, OSHA, and transparency on insider trading.

No other “profession” manages to produce so many multi-millionaires on comparable salaries. And didn’t you and Nancy just prove “benefit” includes the opportunity to purchase votes with other people’s money?