Calinferno – Anthropogenic Regional Malfeasance

I don't want an argument about irrelevancies, so let's stipulate that warming of the earth is a factor in California's infernos. For our purposes here, it's irrelevant. Whether it's anthropogenic or not, California doesn't control it. What they could control, they leave to chance. Claims that wildfires started by lightning can be ameliorated today in… Continue reading Calinferno – Anthropogenic Regional Malfeasance

The mills grind slowly

"Thus, I do not see what use there is in those mills of the gods said to grind so late as to render punishment hard to be recognized, and to make wickedness fearless." -Plutarch Sometimes it is hard to immediately distinguish good intentions from wicked fearlessness. Whirlwinds may be reaped either way. I recommend this… Continue reading The mills grind slowly

The powerless watch their homes burn

Of course, you've already heard this joke: Question: What did socialists use for light before candles? Answer: Electricity. Millions of Californians probably don't think that's funny. California is trending 'third world.' There's syringes and human feces scattered all over San Francisco sidewalks, lice and rats infest Los Angeles municipal buildings with an associated return of… Continue reading The powerless watch their homes burn

Dark side of the Moonbeam

California Governor Jerry Brown: Never underestimate the coercive power of the central state in the service of good.Or evil, Governor Brown, you oh so Superior Man.Meanwhile, California Climate Policies Chilling Housing Growth.And, Can California Be Saved? I know which way I'd bet.Copyright 2005-2019

The 44 crimes Oakland can afford

I noted that police in Oakland, California have said they will no longer respond to 44 types of crime after the city was forced to lay off 80 officers for budgetary reasons.  My take; "When the taxpayer suffers significant economic reverses, police and fire protection are among the first services to be threatened by the… Continue reading The 44 crimes Oakland can afford

See no evil. Hear no evil. But, hey, send us an online report.

Suffer These Crimes in Oakland? Don't Call the Cops [Oakland, CA Police] Chief Anthony Batts listed exactly 44 situations that his officers will no longer respond to and they include grand theft, burglary, car wrecks, identity theft and vandalism. He says if you live and Oakland and one of the above happens to you, you… Continue reading See no evil. Hear no evil. But, hey, send us an online report.