Rounding up

I think you have probably heard that St. Louis lawyers Mark and Patricia McCloskey became a viral sensation when they displayed firearms to fend off a large, violent crowd of trespassers. No shots fired. I immediately thought of Joe Biden’s advice on home defense: "[If] you want to keep someone away from your house, just… Continue reading Rounding up

Hillsdale College – Resolute

Since 1844, Hillsdale College has provided classical liberal higher education regardless of students' race, religion, or sex, and was the second college in the United States to grant 4 year degrees to women. Hillsdale's opposition to slavery was one of its founding principles. Frederick Douglass was twice a speaker at the college. The tradition of… Continue reading Hillsdale College – Resolute

For once… appropriate use of “shredded.” An Anonymous Berkeley Professor Just Shredded BLM's Injustice Narrative It's worth the read. He mentions Thomas Sowell and Wilfred Reilly. It's also worth checking Glenn Loury & John McWhorter Walter Williams Shelby Steele These are all black men Joe Biden would say aren't really black.

Dumpster Fyre Festival

At the metaphorical dumpster fire of Seattle's "Autonomous Zone," neo-hippies* were forced to call 911 and move their barricades so firetrucks could extinguish a literal dumpster fire. Fortunately, the dumpster was unoccupied. Brings to mind Detroit in ‘67, when people started fires on 12th street, called the fire department, then shot at the fire trucks… Continue reading Dumpster Fyre Festival

Irony is dead in Seattle

In Seattle's so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Antifa and BLM stalwarts are employing their newly declared police powers to enforce immigration 'rules' and collect 'taxes.' "Seattle police encourage anyone in the area who is a victim of extortion to call 911." And they’re gonna do what, exactly? Pass out free copies of Animal Farm, as… Continue reading Irony is dead in Seattle

Come together.

Right now. Over me. The Beatles' song title would be apt at George Floyd memorial services. George Floyd's family says that coming together would be what he would have wanted. Only a vanishingly small minority of humans would not condemn the manner of George Floyd's killing as disturbing and depraved. You'd think we could all… Continue reading Come together.

Safe-space creation gap?

Supporters of the #BlackLivesMatter Speech Supression Squad have been shocked by a humiliating loss in the international safe-space creation competition. We spoke with the coaching staff in the faculty lounge. While none would speak for attribution, the prevailing sentiment is they were caught flat-footed, failing to appreciate Team ISIS’ determination to create a world wide… Continue reading Safe-space creation gap?