I was invited,

… via my junk mail folder, to take a test to see if I am racist. I didn’t see why. Since I’m white, it’s a given that I’m racist. Should have been the first question. Still, I was curious about the questions. There were only 5. 1. Name three Black journalists you read or three… Continue reading I was invited,

The content of CDC’s character

I shared this article regarding CDC vaccine distribution decisions with some friends: Why I'm Losing Trust in the Institutions - Persuasion RTWT, but here's the key:[There are] some bedrock principles on which virtually all moral philosophers have long agreed. The first is that we should avoid “leveling down” everyone’s quality of life for the purpose… Continue reading The content of CDC’s character

Agency: Haves and have nots

Oxford University Scholarship Online defines human agency:Our self‐understanding as human agents includes commitment to three crucial claims about human agency: That agents must be active, that actions are part of the natural order, and that intentional actions can be explained by the agent's reasons for acting. I've written about agency in a couple of recent… Continue reading Agency: Haves and have nots

Joe Kool

President Biden's FDA is preparing to ban menthol cigarettes. According to NBC, 85% of black smokers use menthol cigarettes. The public health nannies are going to make sure that blacks can't make that mistake any longer. Or, they'll have to do it illegally. It's for their own good: Properly Conducted Black Lives Enforcement Matters. And… Continue reading Joe Kool

Monetizing black deaths

Does it matter if Ma'Khia Bryant was the person who called 911 just before she was shot by a police officer in Columbus, Ohio? I'll say no. She would have been shot anyway because of her behavior after the police arrived. And she still would have been shot multiple times because her extreme physical and… Continue reading Monetizing black deaths

Never bring empty hands to a knife fight

Sixteen year old Ma’Khia Bryant, waving a knife and screaming, "I’m Going to Stab F**k Out of You, Bitch!", was shot by a police officer as she charged past him and attacked another black teenager. She had previously thrust the knife at a third teen right in front of the officer, knocking the other teen… Continue reading Never bring empty hands to a knife fight