"Straight Talk" gone MAD!

Apparently, John McCain is not immune to fits of saying-what-he-actually-believes condescension. As reported by The Nose on Your Face, he is unable to resist criticizing Liberals of the San Francisco persuasion: McCain Comes Under Fire For “Bitter” Comments:“You go into these big cities in California, and, like a lot of big cities along both coasts… Continue reading "Straight Talk" gone MAD!

Obamiate of the messes

Over at Tim Blair commenter Dave S. has an interesting thought on bitter folks clinging to religion:Well, I do go a-churchin’ every Sunday with a bunch of bitter folks who complain about how the government is evil and screws them over, and we yell an’ whoop it up when the preacher rails against them Italians… Continue reading Obamiate of the messes

Who’s bitter?

"But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth." -James 3:14Obama Allies Avoid Trying to Explain Most Controversial Part of His RemarksMore discussion:Snob-ama slight a big-time error12 reasons 'bitter' is bad for ObamaThe gospel according to BarackHicks nix clique's shticksWhat's the Matter With… Continue reading Who’s bitter?