Agar Agar a medium used to grow bacteria in petri dishes. Facebook is the social media equivalent. Personally, I detest Facebook. But the recent spew of Maim Scream Media™ stories about the company are not what they seem. These are based on "shocking" revelations, which are neither new nor surprising. Is there really anyone who believes… Continue reading Agar Agar

How many divisions has Brett Kavanaugh?

If a rent moratorium extension had been passed by the Democrat controlled House (which went on vacation instead), the measure would be almost certain to fail in the Senate. Senate Democrats need 10 Senate Republicans to overcome the filibuster. I think it's fair to call the extension anti-democratic. It's election fraud. What's the point of… Continue reading How many divisions has Brett Kavanaugh?

96 Tears

"We'll be together for just a little while. And then I'm gonna put you way down here." -? and the Mysterians The reasons anyone would prefer Joe Biden for president range from habitual ignorance, to Trump Derangement Syndrome, to race hustling therapeutic totalitarianism*. Unlike what we're told is the only proper way to regard gender,… Continue reading 96 Tears

Never is heard a discouraging word

COVID-19 shows we're more risk averse than post-World War II Americans Of course. Because the Nanny State has been reaching out from university campuses for decades: Where 'safe spaces' segregated by race and 'gender' are festooned with the adult coloring books, Play-Doh, blankies, and puppy videos with which the road to serfdom infantilization 'maturity' is… Continue reading Never is heard a discouraging word

Balls to you, Google

Yesterday, TOC examined the Washington Post's disgust with Google and Apple for not creating a centralized database so government can retain information about each American's whereabouts at all times. I applaud both companies for this nod to privacy, but there is a catch or two when you consider Google's other activities. Google appears to fear… Continue reading Balls to you, Google

The Spanish flu app

I don't want to send any traffic to this totalitarian screed, so no link. Apple and Google are building a virus-tracking system. Health officials say it will be practically useless. The tech giants have refused officials’ pleas to allow the collection of location data and to help contact-tracing teams learn where new infections have spread.… Continue reading The Spanish flu app

Nominee for the 2020 Dagny Taggart Award

An award which will be available to both sexes in future years. If you have a nominee, though, it's appropriate the first winner be female. Not All Heroes Wear Capes. Some Wield Scissors. Ms. Luther didn't nail the cease and desist order to the courthouse door, she ripped it up. She has a GoFundMe page… Continue reading Nominee for the 2020 Dagny Taggart Award