The Beeb

Brilliant satire. The ending puts a rapier point on the anti-Israel bias of the BBC.
You may prefer a less charitable term.

It’s hardly the first example of the Beeb’s mindset. They’re recently plentiful.
BBC accused of putting lives at risk after rushing to blame Israel for hospital blast that ‘killed 500’ as PM takes jab

That was BBC correspondent Jon Donnison’s on-air speculation a month ago; “Israel was behind an explosion at the Ahli hospital in Gaza, which Hamas claimed killed more than 500 people.”

“Hamas claims” should be a triple red flag to any person pretending to be a reporter. For Donnison, unfortunately, Hamas’ approval is a commendation.

It was a Hamas rocket. At most 50 people died. They died due to their presence in the hospital parking lot over which Hamas fired the rocket. A rocket Hamas intended to kill Jews. Those who died were in the hospital parking lot in the first place because of the Hamas murder of 1,400 Israeli civilians. And because they knew Hamas uses hospitals as shields: “It’s as safe as it gets when Hamas denies us entry to their bunker complex.

These noncombatants died… did I mention this?… because the faulty Hamas rocket fell on them.

Happens a lot.

I pick on Jon Donnison only because a brief DDG search reveals his complicity in historical Beeb misreporting going back to at least 2012: Beeb war boob.

In that case he claimed a photo taken in Syria of Muslim-on-Muslim dead children violence was an Israeli depredation in Gaza.

He still works for BBC.

I see a pattern.