The investment that’s Left

Last week the president took time off from golf and fundraising to brag about what a great thing he did in bailing out the UAW General Motors:“Now, I want to do the same thing with manufacturing jobs, not just in the auto industry, but in every industry.”Barack Obama, Pueblo, Colorado - Thursday Aug 9“I want… Continue reading The investment that’s Left

And the winner the statists picked is… China

China just bought the battery manufacturing darling of the US DoE and the Granholm adminstration.A company that two years ago was one of the most promising U.S. innovators in the clean-fuel auto industry was rescued from collapse Wednesday. Its buyer: A Chinese auto-parts company.Wanxiang Group Corp., one of China's biggest parts makers, offered a $450… Continue reading And the winner the statists picked is… China

"Advanced Default and Battery Capital of North America"

Here is a local #Greenfail noted by the Mackinac Center. Our former Governor's big bet on big batteries didn't work out: A123 Systems stock is trading at $0.82, down from $26.00. Click the link above at #Greenfail if you are not familiar with this corporatist morality tale. And, click the link below: This is not… Continue reading "Advanced Default and Battery Capital of North America"


Veronique de Rugy, NRO: Life Saver: The Battery? I do see the immediate benefit for the factory owner that will receive the stimulus money, but this money has direct and indirect costs that will ultimately hurt the economy. First, let's remember that this money doesn't fall from the sky; in order to spend it, Obama… Continue reading Neveready

Default and battery

Lithicus,I think this discussion merits more visibility than just an addition to the comment thread on the post wherein I complained (also here) about the subsidization of battery manufacture in Michigan, so I am replying here. You wrote:In a ideal world, government would not get involved in free enterprise. I'm no fan of picking winners and… Continue reading Default and battery