“Some airplanes did something”

You can see one of them here, about to do something: I remember this day quite distinctly, but some do not. Ilhan Omar, for example, is unable to recall the religion, ethnicity or culture of the 9-11 murderers. She described them as "Some people," who "did something." Murdering 3,000 people and causing billions of dollars… Continue reading “Some airplanes did something”

Social Security is a compulsory Ponzi scheme

Apropos of his fear of calling a spade a spade (see also Obamneycare) Mitt Romney took Rick Perry to task last night because Perry called Social Security a Ponzi scheme. James Taranto mounts a defense of sorts: Perry was not claiming that Social Security is literally a criminal enterprise but asserting that there are similarities… Continue reading Social Security is a compulsory Ponzi scheme

Let us forget

Obama's Plan to Desecrate 9/11Sadly, that headline is neither fanatic nor fanciful. RTWT9/11 is to become the "National Day of Service," so we will no longer focus on external danger or the 3,000 who died. 9-11 is a past crisis which must be wasted away by Presidential edict.Despite this attempted revisionism, 9-11 will remain a… Continue reading Let us forget

What Bush should say

The inestimable Scott Ott at Scrappleface has a draft speech leaked from the White House:THE PRESIDENT: My fellow Americans, a handful of you this week have listened in on what passes for Congressional hearings. You’ve endured the speeches of politicians who arrived with their minds set in concrete, as bulwarks against the truth. You have… Continue reading What Bush should say

More 9-11 thoughts

I recommend reading all of these and watching the video.From There to HereThe emotional half-life of 9/11.By Jonah Goldberg...If I had said in late 2001, with bodies still being pulled from the wreckage, anthrax flying through the mail, pandemonium reigning at the airports, and bombs falling on Kabul, that by ‘07 leading Democrats would be… Continue reading More 9-11 thoughts